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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fifth Disease...Part Two

Bet ya didn't know there would be a part 2...neither did I. Mary woke up yesterday morning with the rash on her cheeks. Today it is ALL over her arms and moving down through her torso and onto her legs. Classic Fifth's Disease. Hooray for us. She didn't get it from Sam, or else she would have had it quite a while ago. Interesting!
Luckily, I had my 12 week check up today. How awesome is that...perfect timing. We all got to hear the fun little "woosh" of the heartbeat, that was fun and refreshing. Sounded nice and strong.
This time around, Dr. Weary got to see the Fifth Disease in our family first hand. Mary was standing right in front of him looking like a lobster. Needless to say, I had my blood tested today for the disease. I am still in the first trimester, so it is still a threat. We will know in about 10 days. Long wait.
I am not that nervous though. Even if I have it, I think the baby will be o.k. It will be scary for sure, but Dr. Weary is very reassuring. For now, I have peace.
On a more positive note, I ditched the prenatals 2 days ago, and I have felt about 80% better! I got the o.k. from the doc to go ahead and just take my kids gummy vitamin thingys, which are delicious. I guess the overload in iron was killing me! Hooray for feeling better! I pray that it continues. I ate my first meal today (in 8 weeks) that didn't taste like metal or dog poop, it was delicious!
Another side note- I am getting my hair cut on Saturday and I am really excited! After much deliberation with friends and family, and reading great advice and comments on my post (I am such a dork), I have chosen a cut that I feel comfortable with. I also found a rockin' awesome hair stylist! She is a good sport to cut my hair right now, she has a lot going on. I think I will really like it!
And yes, I do still have children, and I do have pictures of them. They haven't had an appearance on the blog in a while, but I will bring them back soon. I sure do love them! If you haven't checked it out in a while, look at the right side of the blog under "out of the mouth's of babes." There are some kind of new ones there, and more coming soon.


Colleen said...

Poor Mary! It is good you are feeling some peace. You are so close to the end of trimester 1. I figure with a lot of this stuff, while it's hard not to have some worry, that what will be will be. It's in God's hands and He knows what he is doing! And hooray for feeling better! I am glad you found a solution.

Trinette McCrary said...

I'm happy your feeling better and hopefully Mary is too. Good luck on getting your hair cut tomorrow. I'm sure it will look awesome.

Jenni said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better! I hope that all goes well with the test that you had to take! Scary! I hope Mary is over it soon as well! Good luck with your hair cut! I am excited to see which option you choose! It's always so fun to get a new hair style!