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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, May 11, 2009

The best part of school...

Ever since Mary started preschool, I have anticipated some sort of program. I LOVE school programs for some reason, and I was so excited to get the news that Mary's class would be doing one. I don't care if the child is 4 or 14, I think it is so dang cute! I will admit though, that a bunch of 4-5 yr. olds really know how to ham it up.
I was so proud of Mary! She is the most outgoing, smiley, happy girl at home...but few people really know that. In public, she can be so shy that she won't even smile when someone says hi. She has been dubbed a "grouch" or an "unhappy child" because of this, it always breaks my heart. If they only knew. She is actually the most adorable, fun-loving, spunky, friendly, 4 yr. old I know.
Anyway, Mary sang all the songs, and even did her own part in the play (she was the pig with the house of straw). She said all the words and did it all with a smile. That is BIG news for my little Mary. I was BEAMING (out of happiness for Mary feeling comfortable enough to do this)! She also said the prayer in primary last week on her own. I had to tell her what to say, but she actually said it. Another big breakthrough. Her fun personality is slowly coming out of the shell, and soon the world will know the Mary I see. It will be a better place because of it!

(above) Singing their cute little songs with the actions.

"The Three Little Pigs" play. I love the picture of Mary in her house of straw. She poked her head out just to smile at Ben and I and make sure we were watching. She was so proud. She said her parts loud and clear...big news for Mary!
Notice that her pig hat is her favorite color...rainbow!

Eating ice cream after the presentation with some of her good friends..."the Katherine's" I caught them at the wrong time I guess.

This is a little book Mary made for me in preschool. She gave both Ben and I gifts that she made in school. I laughed so hard that I cried when I read this. It is great. Here are just two of the pages, but the others are just as hilarious!

I also thought I would mention (for record's sake) that Mary's favorite color is and has been rainbow. It cracks me up! I love it though. She finally was able to take her earrings out, so we let her pick out her first pair of new earrings. These are the ones she chose. They are big and loud and all sorts of "rainbow." I wanted to say no, but I couldn't resist letting her share that fun part of her, even if it was through a silly pair of earrings.

Ben was able to make it to most of the program (which Mary was so happy about), and he got a bag of stuff as well. He got this cute little picture Mary drew of she and daddy. I got the "rainbow" recipe holder and the recipe, but Ben got the actual food listed on the recipe in his bag. Too bad I am pregnant, and can't go an hour without eating, so I basically ate all of it before the program was even over. oops. It was really good, and hey, I have the recipe, so I will make more for dad. He got a little of it though. He is so nice to share with his bottomless pit of a wife.

This is part of something I got for Mother's Day. Mary thought this up all on her own. No help from dad. It is a friendship paper for me and Ben. We each get 1/2 of it, and when we are together, we put it together and the picture of Mary is complete. She told me that it means that when dad and mom are together, we get to have Mary. That meaning can go pretty deep, if you think about it long enough. She even wrote "mom" on my half and "Dad" on Ben's. We also got her handprint on each of our pieces. So so so precious. I will keep this forever. It totally beats those friendship necklaces I wore in gradeschool. Although, those are pretty classic.

So there you have it. A spotlight on Mary for the day. She deserves it. I love you little girl...don't ever forget it!


Jessica said...

That is so precious! I laughed at all the things that Mary wrote in that book. I have a couple of those from when I was in kindergarten and they are so stinkin funny! We can't wait to hang out with you guys at the reunion.

Colleen said...

Good for Mary! I am sure she did a beautiful job. And for the record, I want to know who would ever call that sweet girl a grouch?! She's such a cutie pie!

J&E said...

My favorite color is rainbow too! I'm glad I'm not the only one! Great job Mary!!

Jenni said...

Oh good job Mary! What a proud moment for you guys too! I love Mary's answers in the book and I must say you look great for being 8!

Shantal said...

I look forward to all of your new posts!!! I love reading about you and your sweet family!!! You little Mary is an ANGEL!!! Love you Becky!!!