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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mr. Ribbit has a "ribbit"

My kids love the cute little song that goes to this post.

Mr. Ribbit finally made a Ribbit today! It is true folks! He makes noise, and for whatever reason it may be, it cracks me up! We have had him since he was a tadpole, so I guess it is like a baby's first smile (not due to gas), or the first step. Oh, the small joys in life. I will take all I can get right now as I sit here in my nauseated stupor. I am really starting to think three kids is enough for us. Adoption is good too. Anyone who has to feel like they just finished eating 4 BigMacs while riding the worlds fastest and most twistly rollar coaster, for weeks on end, (not to mention the excess saliva that tasts like a mix of dog poop and quarters) has the right to declare it quits. I am me ROAR!!
Few...sorry, don't know where that came from. O.K. back to the frog.
Once he grows to be the size of a dinner plate, his cute little ribbit may just be a flat out "roar" in our ears. Hopefully by that point in time though, he will not be ours to worry about. There are plenty of High School Science teachers that would love to have him in their class. And plenty of students who will love to watch him eat mice and birds and all that good stuff. Or, they may just be disecting his heart out, but we won't go there.
We did actually post him on Craig's List a few weeks ago. But when the people came to look at him, I got all sad and wanted to keep him. I was sooooo glad they never called back. What were we thinking!
For now, I am content to listen to his cute little ribbit and smile.


Colleen said...

How funny! I am glad you are growing to love your not so little bullfrog!

J&E said...

So I have to tell you that Jacob and I were beside ourselves with laughter when we read the new "out of the mouth of babes" comments. "Hookers"... oh man that darling little girl cracks me up. Moments like that make you grateful that she is yours to keep and laugh with forever don't they?

kendra said...

Wow! Hope the ribbit stays little for a while longer. Aren't frogs nocturnal? You must love him a lot. Don't give him to a science teacher, can't even think about that!!