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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Looking Forward

I am just having one of those "woe is me" moments. You know, tired, pregnant, dealing with a two year old that hasn't stopped crying and wanting to be held in over a month, endless clutter no matter how much I clean all day, very very HOMESICK for anyone to visit us, or to go see someone, wondering why everyone else has family visiting all the time, or is going on trips, blah blah blah someone call the wwwaaaambulance.
Basically, I am just have a ridiculous pity party that is not necessary. Seriously, if you tweak it enough, all of these things are actually blessings in they eyes of another. And life could be WAY worse and much harder. We are actually in a good time of life for our family right now. I fear saying that, because it is just asking for trouble. But it is true. Believe me, I know how pathetic I must sound. I really have nothing to be down about, but nevertheless, I am just kind of grumpy today. Maybe I just didn't get enough sleep last night or something.
In reality, I have quite a bit to look forward to, and have been looking forward to, so I am going to list the things I am looking forward to. Now, I have a weird thing, where I feel like if I talk about things I am looking forward too, they will either not happen, not work out, or turn into a disaster. Weird yes, but it is real. So I am really going out on a limb here. goes nothing.

Future excitement #1
Due to a third child on the way, and the fact that there really is no ligical way to fit all three kids, their car seats, me and anything we may possibly need to get, in the little Subaru; and the fact that the CRV is the company paid for car and therefore Ben has to drive it, we made a very fun and very long-time coming decision. After A LOT of research on different vehicles, prices, mileage, dealers, ect, and lots of talking and crunching numbers, we found our incredible deal, and closed the deal on one of these yesterday...

and I am so excited I could pee my pants right here, right now. It is a black Pathfinder. If you want more details..ask Ben, or ask me later when I can remember all the details. We got an INCREDIBLE deal on mileage, year, price, ect, and it is even the color I wanted! It should be ready for us to bring home next week, and possibly on my birthday of all days! If you have seen what I have been driving up until this point, I am sure you are sharing in this excitement with me. I have been grateful to have a car though, so I won't complain too much. The best part of all is that it can seat up to 7 people,(I tested every seat in it, and really, even in the back seat, I can sit comfortably) and because we got it with such crazy low miles on it, we will have it for a LONG time! Oh man, I have butterflies just thinking about it. WAHOO!!!!

Future excitement #2
The gorgeous comforter I ordered for our bed will ship out next week. It will be arriving a few days later. I looked forever for a comforter I liked, and I really really like this one.

Future excitement #3
My Birthday is next week.

I love Birthdays and holidays, no matter who or what they are for. I just like a reason to party and eat good food. I really hesitate to mention this one. For some reason, I always fear that talking about my Birthday before it comes, is setting myself up for a bad day. I am sure it will be fine though.

Future excitement #4
I have a Dr. appt next week. It should be the appt. where we schedule the ultrasound. Even though we don't really care what gender the baby is, it will be fun to find out which boxes of clothes I will be sorting through, and to see our little jelly bean.

Future excitement #5
A possible camping trip next weekend with friends. Camping always makes me happy. Fire, tents, nature, fire, mountains, fire, ect.

Future excitement #6
We are cleaning out our garage tonight and mowing the lawn. I am also cleaning out all of the cluttery places that drive me nuts. Desk drawers, pantry, kids closets, you know, the places you just put stuff for later. Yeah I know, this should not be exciting, but it is to me. I am a dork. I love going to bed and night and knowing that our house is nice and clean. I must be getting the nesting bug early, because I sat up all night decorating and cleaning our house in my head. I got some amazing ideas. Now if we could just win the lottery....and have a shopping spree at my favorite home decor and furniture stores.

Future excitement #7
This one is still a long way off, but it gives me hope on bad days and keeps me going sometimes. Ben and I have family reunions back to back this year during the last week of July and first week of August. Also during that time, my mom and dad both have reunions with their sides of the family. Both of which I am very close to and have a great time with. We can't wait!!!!! 4 reunions in one trip. This may sound like torture to most people, but because we are so close to our families and relatives, it is seriously heaven on earth. 11 days surrounded by family, fun, food and love. It will be the one time a year I see my brother and his family that live in Alaska, and my brother who has been on a mission, gets home next month and will be there as well. I can't stop smiling just thinking about it. Not to mention thinking of Ben and all of his brothers joking around and laughing together. When they all get together, it is non stop crazy energy and a ton of laughs. It is so great. I was in charge of the Belnap reunion this year, so I am going to post a copy of the reunion outline. This is not to discount the other reunions and how much fun we will have at those, I just planned this one, so here it is. This is why I can't wait. Read if you want, skip if you feel it is boring or too long. I don't care. It was just fun to post it and read it AGAIN.

S&S ROCKIN’ AWESOME REUNION 2009!!! (stands for Stan and Sylvia, my parents)

Wednesday, July 29th
Ryan , Juliet and family arrive from Alaska.
Yippee Skippy!

Saturday August 1st- Hanks Reunion…Go Mom!

Sunday August 2nd - The S &S Belnap Reunion Officially Begins!!!

9:00am Church
Sunday afternoon/evening: Ben and Becky and family arrive…let the games begin!
Games: group games….I have some really good and hilarious large group games, but bring any ideas you may have. Kids can do crafts or activities, or cry the whole time and make life miserable for the parents trying to play the games. ;)
Dinner: Mom, Dad and Kelsey- doesn’t have to be anything fancy or big. We will be stuffing our faces all week.

Monday August 3rd
Early Morning skiing or walk/run for those who stay home
Late morning/Early Afternoon- guys shooting..this is just for the guys (man bonding through blowing stuff up and making loud noises, maybe you could eat some beef and arm wrestle while you are at it); the girls will have their time later. Girls will be in charge of kids. If girls want to shoot, they can go at a different time.
Afternoon- water games (water balloon volleyball, H2O baseball, sprinkler, kids pool, water guns, someone falling and breaking a leg, a few tears from the kids, Ty and Jessica’s game, ect…fun times )
Evening-FHE: around the fire… Devin shows mission stuff (pictures, souvenirs, stories, ect.) We all ooohh and aahhh and ask too many questions.

Dinner- Devin and Danish friends….something Danish

Tuesday August 4th- Tyler’s Birthday
Early Morning skiing or walk/run
Morning and early afternoon - paintball tournament (for anyone who wants to stand around in the dirt and heat and have rock hard balls of paint tear through their skin and possibly rip their eyeballs out or fall in a ditch and break both legs....girls and guys allowed…enjoy.), this is Tyler’s Birthday present, so if they go longer or if we have the paramedics over for lunch, we will be flexible. We will just extend the craft time. ;)
Afternoon- Girls craft time (guys have full responsibility of children…this does not mean feeding them endless amounts of ding dongs and telling them to pull your finger, while you play video games…take them to a museum or something)
Late Afternoon/evening- horseback riding for everyone. We will try to find an old, slow pony for the kids…and the fat pregnant lady.
Evening- celebrate Ty’s Birthday and just hang out and be together.
Tell sentimental and mushy stories about Tyler, Birthday spanking…mom can relate details about his birth ....hehehe just kidding

Dinner- Barbeque or go out to eat, and Tyler’s favorite dessert/B-day cake
If we want to go out to eat for dinner, we could Barbeque for lunch instead, with all of the paintball crew and the paramedics that will be there.

Wednesday August 5th- BOATING DAY
Morning: pack up the boat, cars, kids, first aid kit, Advil, food, food and more food, ect.
Afternoon: Boating, Aberdeen Park
Evening: Lather up with Bengay and Aloe and watch a movie outside on the side of the house
Dinner: Tyler and Jessica

Thursday August 6th- Temple Day- Don’t forget to pack your recommend
Morning/Afternoon Rexburg or Twin Falls Temple (we need prepared to possibly pay someone) We would prefer that Kelsey comes with us instead of babysits. She can do baptisms or something.
Evening: uuuhhh, not planned at this point. This is where your input comes in.
Dinner: Ben and Becky
Campout night- put up tents, ghost stories (kid appropriate,) night games, fire, ect . Sleep in tents until kids or adults wake up cold or crying…or until the sprinklers turn and and soak us all. Then we come in the house and resume sleeping in nice warm beds.

Friday August 7th
Early morning skiing- for those who are able to move, have all bones and teeth in place, and aren’t lobster red or bruised from head to toe at this point
Morning: Zoo
Afternoon: Academy Awards -bring a video and fun dress up clothes..Kelsey /Devin and mom/dad make a video as well :)
Evening: Grandma’s grandkid time/date night for couples (as long as grandma is o.k. with this)
Pass S&S flag “ski rope (or whatever we think of)” on to Tyler and Jessica- yup, you get to plan it next year. Family meeting about whatever the heck we want it to be about.
Dinner: Ryan and Juliet

Saturday August 8th- K&K Reunion in Utah- more fun and games

Sunday August 9th- K&K Reunion continues

Ben and Becky sag their heads, shed some tears, climb in the car and make our way home for yet another year of waiting for the next reunion. Boo Hoo.

So, I guess I shouldn't be sitting here feeling bad for myself for no reason. I feel pretty ungrateful already. Look at all these great things! Not to mention just the every day blessings. Can I blame this "woe is me" day on pregnancy hormones? I really do have a lot to look forward to and be grateful for. Not to mention that Ben has a job and we are healthy. Those blessings alone right now, are wonderful. So, I am going to get my bum off this chair, take my kids to the park, eat an Oreo with blue stuff in the middle, and is going to be a good day...and obviously a GREAT week! My pity party is over, I actually feel better already. Ha, I am even smiling and getting excited as I read this. As for you, it!


Dallas (司馬光) said...

Becky, Your reunion sounds like a blast and I'm excited for your new car as well. It looks like we'll just be missing you when I come to Pocatello this summer. I'm returning for my 10 year high school reunion. We're driving into Poky on Friday August 7th and leaving on Sunday. I hope you have a total blast at your reunion. If you guys get an extra 15 mins that we can get together for ice cream with the kiddos, we'd love to see you guys. I would love to meet your kids and introduce you to Lincoln. Have a great summer!


shaina said...

We love family reunions, and have one at the end of June. I don't want it to end, so I'm staying two weeks longer.

What fun things you have to look forward to. We'll go catch that jamba juice next week for sure.

Gina said...

Hey Becks, I definitely have those days too! I was laughing so hard at your reunion itinerary. So hilarious. I wish we were going to be able to see you at the K&K reunion. We can't go this year and I'm bummed. That is exciting about your Pathfinder! That definitely is a good thing to look forward to. We'll be getting a bigger car this summer too and I can't wait!
Love you tons and I hope your day gets better.

Colleen said...

Sometimes being chipper isn't easy, even when you know you are just in a hormonal pregnancy funk! At least there is a lot to look forward to that sound incredibly great and you are setting your mind on those things! Congrats on the car!

The Maughan-sters said...

It's okay Becky!!! We ALL have those days, even if someone people don't blog about them. LOL I have those days even when I'm not THanks for posting about your reunion!!! It sounds like a BLAST!!! We love hanging out with our families too. It makes me want to plan one for our family!!! Keep up trying. You're doing AWESOME. Kara

lori parkhurst said...

You are seriously the funniest. I love to read your blog. You tell it like it is and get the most out of life ! you are awesome!

The Mitchells said...

You know we all have pity parties! I am always so proud of people who cheer themselves up. I'm not so good at that. :)