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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fifths Disease

Thanks so much to all of you who have left kind thoughts and words. It means a lot, it truly does.
I have looked up a lot of info on Fifths Disease and pregnancy. Going off of what I found and what Sam's doc told me, this is what I know. Basically, there is a 50% chance I have had it before and am now immune. The worry it the other 50% chance that I have not. It is only a threat if you are in the first trimester...that would be me. If I have not had it before, and I have it now, as well as the baby, the baby has a 1 in 3 chance of surviving past the 3rd trimester. We won't know though, until that point. So, if they find that I have the disease right now, I will have an ultrasound every week for the next 12 weeks. We will watch and wait basically.
I really want to just know and get it over with. I do have a lot of peace though, and I am REALLY hoping that I have had it before and I am immune now. That is all I am letting myself think about now....staying positive. The odds of me being immune are pretty good, so that gives me a lot of hope.
I also decided to post some pictures of Sam's rash, so any of your prego women out there can catch it if your kids get it while you are in the first trimester. A lot of times, the symptoms are so mild that most people don't even know their kids have it. Not all people get the rash, and adults rarely get the rash. The rash starts in the cheeks, then goes to the arms, and then the legs and tummy. It is flaming red and makes Sam look like a lobster. The pictures don't even come close to doing it justice.
My appt. is this afternoon, and I feel like it won't come soon enough. I can't wait to hear the words..."you and the baby are are immune and have already had it." Oh, the peace it will bring.


runningfan said...

Thanks for the update...I've been thinking about you! Good luck at the appointment!

Sylvia said...

WOW he is sooo red! Poor little guy. I'll be waiting to hear from you this afternoon. Be strong! Sure do love you! MOM

Colleen said...

Waiting for word this afternoon! It is so common, you have probably had it!

Harris said...

Becky. I am hoping that all goes well at the appt. Good Luck. You are sooo strong.