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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, April 17, 2009

Packing Snow!!!!!

The big snow storm that the whole town was talking about finally hit today...I think. It wasn't as huge as it was talked up to be, but maybe it isn't over yet. The best part was when it was snowing and all the sudden there was a HUGE clap of thunder that shook our walls. Soon after, we had a hail storm for about 5 minutes. It was coming down like pouring was amazing!!! I have never seen it hail in the middle of a snow storm. It was great!
Another great thing, is that we discovered that Colorado Springs is capable of producing packing snow. All we have seen so far is snow so dry that you can't do much with it. Not today! The snow is awesome! We had so much fun playing in it. Making a snowman was a breeze, we just rolled the snowballs around the yard and the snow stuck like glue. We had huge snowballs in no time! It rocked our socks.
I felt like a kid again while making the snowman and while watching the water rush by down the gutter. It reminded me of good ol' Idaho winters, where packing snow is almost always present, and massive snowmen can be seen everywhere. I even ate some snow, just for old times sake. Still tates the same.

The kids loved throwing small sticks into the "raging river" and watching them float down the road. Chamonix loved retrieving them and bringing them back.

Our awesome snowman....Jolly! The picture doesn't show the cool sagebrush hair or the stick arms, but they are there! I wanted to make a whole snow family, but Sam got cold, and didn't want to be outside anymore. Dang! Maybe next time.


scarecrow said...

I was talking to some folks at work today about the nice, wet, heavy "west coast snow" we're getting. I get tired of the styrofoam that has been falling all winter. This is the only place I have been in snow when the humidity is zero. Today's snow is nice. And we need the moisture.

Colleen said...

The snow has been great for packing! This is more what it is like at home too. The boys are so happy that they can actually do something with it! I can see the sagebrush hair on your snowman...very cool! I hope you are feeling better with the regular use of the Zofran!

Harris said...

You are so excited about the snow. I want it to go away and not come back for a few months. I am soooo ready for summer. Glad to hear that things are ok with the baby and pregnancy. Hang tough... it is always worth it in the end.