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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crazy Cravings!!!!

You really might want to turn up the helps you get the "vibe" of the post. hehehe

Do I sound like it is my first pregnancy or what? You would think I would be used to all of this by now. NOPE!!! As mentioned in an earlier post, I was sick when I was pregnant with Mary. (threw up several times a day, but not really nausated, just triggered by food) I was not sick at all with Sam.
This time around, I am by far the most sick. Yeah, I threw up a lot with Mary, but at least after I did, I had relief. This constant nausea is truly killing me. Not to mention that my saliva tastes like metal, and I am the drool queen right now. Did I eat quarters in my sleep??? Yup, the hormones produce saliva in great amounts. Fun! I spit all day long, and I don't care. I have never felt so miserable for so much of the day! The Zofran works some days, but I am not sure it is helping a ton. Better than nothing though.
Another new thing about this pregnancy is the Crazy Cravings! Honestly! I can't believe the overwhelming urges I get to eat a food. They are so intense that I end up dreaming about the food if I don't eat it...and I may even cry. Very new to me. I have always been VERY in control of what I eat, and I eat pretty darn healthy. Food is fuel to run for me. I am totally aware what goes in my body, and exactly how much of it I eat. I have pretty good food control with myself. But now, I have no control whatsoever. The prego dinosaur has taken over, and I have been pushed aside to watch myself indulge in complete and utterly pathetic horror.

For example...the first few weeks of this pregnancy, all I wanted was this.

Therefore, I ate a lot of it. A LOT! (yeah, I vowed when I found out I was pregnant, to lay off the salt, hahaha..good one Becky, good one) We ran out of chips one Sunday, and I made Ben call the neighbors. They weren't home, and I seriously thought I might die. I had real tears. I ended up pouring out the crumbs on a plate and melting cheese over them. It satisfied for the night. The chips and salsa craving led to this.

I craved Mile High Nachos at Champs so badly, that I couldn't get my mind off of them for an entire week...just ask my poor husband. We finally went there, I ate a few bites, and was so disgusted with them, that I ended up leaving the place more sick than when we walked in the place. I did see a yummy juicy hamburger there though..ding ding ding, must have hamburger..hamburger is good...must have hambuger...cry if no hamburger..must have hamburger.

I held off for two weeks with this one. I finally could stand it no longer, so we went to Wendy's yesterday for lunch. We walked right past the nutrition chart in the doorway. My in control self, would have looked at that and immediately ordered a salad. The prego dinosaur took over. I ate a big huge fat hamburger. I am talking double patty, all the fixings, hamburger. I walked out of there vowing I will never return. Even thinking about it now makes me want to puke. Blah! No more hamburger for me...lets try chicken...mmm, chicken sounds good, must have chicken, I will get chicken, I will make chicken, must eat chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken.

For dinner last night, I made chicken nuggets, Belnap style. This is a favorite around here. A few bits of chicken gave me enough gag effect to end that meal, but I couldn't stop eating the green beans. The more I ate, the more I wanted. I even let the kids get away with not eating all of their veggies, so I could eat them...and I did...right off their plates. Crazy mom! I still want them today, in fact, I am going to eat them right after this post. That is ALL that sounds good right now. Hooray for craving something healthy...finally!

One minute I have to have sweedish fish, the next minute I will die if I don't get grapefruit. Chicken is completely out of the question..gag. I ate an in-numerable amount of hot pockets for lunch. I don't even remember the last time I had a hot pocket, I don't even like hot pockets, but when I saw it at Walmart in the freezer section, it was doom from there.

Another problem, our new bedroom set. I CAN'T STAND THE SMELL!!! The wonderful smell of fresh wood that I lovingly sniffed in great amounts is now killing me. We freeze every night, because the window is open, in a pathetic effort to get the smell out. I can hardly walk past our room without gagging. Blah! However, I smelled dirt this morning through our open window, and it kind of sounded good. hhhmmm

My grocery cart has been hilarious the past few weeks. I shock myself with what I end up putting in it. Pathetic. So many calories, so sad, yet so satisfying. Why oh why, can't I just throw up like all the other sick pregnant ladies. I can already feel the hot pockets clinging to my body like a sick slug. Never to come off.

I have never had cravings this badly before, but I obey them, because I really do feel better, and I have no choice. If you try to stop me, I will get angry, really angry...or I will just cry. MY FOOD!!!!
I am a calorie counter, and I was about to have a nervous breakdown watching myself consume so many empty I just accepted the fact that I am pregnant, and stopped counting. I am probably going to gain 30 lbs this first trimester, but you know what, at least I have some sort of relief for about 15 min. Watch out for the pregnant lady, she will either eat all of your food or gag in your face!!!!!
As soon as I feel better, it is back to the gym. Oh how I miss you gym! Probably no more running, but the elliptical is just as nice, and more comfortable. Hopefully I can make up for this crazy food eating physco that has taken me over. If not...whatever. I will have the baby looking like jabba the hut, but I will be happy and satisfied.


Colleen said...

The pictures that go with the post are so funny! Oh how I know how you feel! I am sorry you've felt so nasty this time, keep clinging to that light at the end of the tunnel. I know I am!

I'm less of a craving gal, more of a don't bring that near me type, like you are with chicken right now. The trick for me is finding ANYTHING that sounds good! Usually it's only Cheerios.

We found out we were pregnant about three days after I missed my period. I wasn't kidding when I said the dollar store test said I wasn't pregs at first! So it wasn't until three days later when I took a second that it was confirmed. But we like to keep our secret for a bit, just for fun.

It's great to have a preggy buddy! Especially one so close to me!! Although I don't think I will take you up on the having him "late" offer ;). I will be so happy if this little guy decides to come four or five days early! Just to miss Josh's birthday and Halloween! And to not be pregnant longer than absolutely neccessary! But you and early sound like a good deal, but not too early, dear little bun in the oven!

MaryAnn said...

You are hilarious! I truly believe that I've gotten worse with cravings with each pregnancy. This last one I wanted sushi all the time - I HATE RICE!!! And I ate 4 plate-fulls of Olive Garden salad because I couldn't get enough of it, then felt so sick afterwards that all salad was out for me. To this day I gag a little when I see salad. So sad! Anyway, just wanted to let you know I've been there, and I think you're taking the right approach - just give in to it, there's no point fighting it!!!

shaina said...

those pictures were great. Hopefully the crazy food choices will end with the first trimester for you. Sounds so hard to manage!!
(I have a big bag of chips downstairs. If you need it again on Sunday, call me.)

Deanna said...

I still can't get over the dino picture!!! Your images were perfect...

hope you get to feeling better!

Nancy said...

That was the funniest thing I've read in a long time. And the music was perfect! I craved salsa... really tomato-y salsa when I was first pregnant. Aaron's mom's homemade salsa. I ate chips and salsa for every meal. I understand... oh just think of the cute little baby....

Jessica Kay said...

hahha, this post was so funny to me! I never have had strong cravings like that but I really enjoyed reading about yours. keep thinking green beans and you'll cancel out all the hotpockets =) don't you wish it worked that way...

lori parkhurst said...

You are seriously so funny. I know what you mean about needing to eat what you are craving. I couldn't stop thinking about a certain food until I had it, then I didn't ever need it again! I loved your pictures that went along with the post!

my3suns2 said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling so icky, but that was really entertaining! Hang in there!

Maren said...

I didn't know you were prego?!! Congrats!! We totally miss you guys, you guys have our sense of humor that is most often mis-interpreted...we need to live FREE! We miss you...where are you these days? We plan to come to IF to live forever!