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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

presidents club 2016

So, Ben totally rocks, and he earned us another Presidents club trip this year. 
Originally, the trip was planned to be at a resort in Mexico, but the Zika virus is still very prevalent there, so Cintas moved it to a resort in Texas.
I must say, that this was probably my favorite Presidents Club trip so far.  I think we finally figured out how to do it.
Basically, we just did nothing....and it was wonderful!!!!
Normally, with our personalities, when we go on a trip, we cram as much in as we can.  We like to see and do lots of stuff.
This time around, we decided to just relax, and do whatever the heck we wanted to. 
It was soooooo great!
We got up and went to the gym each morning, then we spent the rest of the day by the pool, floating the lazy river, drinking pina colodas, talking with Ben's teammates and their spouses, and eating yummy food.
I quickly became obsessed with the pina colodas!  They were so unbelievable good!  Ah man, the cravings have been painful. :)
A couple times, they forgot to makes our drinks virgin.  BLAH!!!!
Our first night there, we went out to the River Walk with Ben's team, and took in the sights.  We stopped by the Alamo, went out to eat, and just checked things out.
riverwalk, San Antonio



Our last night there, was the recognition dinner.  I always look forward to this, because we get to get all dressed up, eat a dinner with more than one spoon and fork, and Ben gets recognized for all of his hard work and dedication. 
Ben, Mitch, Brandon and Brian

Meanwhile, back at home, my mom had all of our kiddos, and she brought Eli up to join the party as well.

I tell ya, this lady is seriously superwoman!!!

The only reason Ben and I were totally able to relax and enjoy ourselves was because we knew our children were in great hands.  We are so blessed!

This little girl was a HUGE help while we were gone.  School started the week we left, and this is Mary headed off to school for the day.

My mom sent us this picture while we were gone.  Almost killed me to see my cute little girl all snuggly and happy.

The boys just chillin while grandma was there

She survived on Quench it and keeping the kids loaded up on goodies.  I LOVE it!  I am obviously her daughter.


best buddies

Molly is totally into the phase of packing EVERYTHING around with her everywhere.  Grandma got to see this in full swing.


Not only did grandma get the kids off to school, take three babies to the store, and hold down the fort, she also did soccer practices and games! Go Sam Go!!!!

It really was a wonderful trip, and I love that Ben and I were able to have time to refresh, recharge, and have fun together.
Presidents Club rocks!!!!

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