My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


So, the night I got back from the girls weekend, I was happy to be home and back with my family again.  I missed them a lot.  Ben was amazing while I was gone.  He got kids to soccer games that were down the canyon, he got all 5 kids to church, he cooked meals, the house was picked up when I got home, and he did not complain.  He is wonderful, and very supportive.  I am very lucky.

Later that evening after I got home, Ben and I discovered that our carpets were still soaking wet from a toilet flood that had happened 4 days earlier.  The whole house smelled like wet dog!!!
We ended up ripping up carpet that night.

We were up late trying to figure out how to dry things out and where to put things that were normally on the carpet.  It threw our room into disarray.  For most people, this would be no big deal.  But, with my Type A personality and my anxiety with clutter and things not where they should be, it was making me panic inside.  I fought it and just tried to go to bed.  I was completely exhausted from the weekend.

I woke up the next morning, did the morning chaos of getting everybody out door, and then my phone started dinging non stop.  I think I got over 50 texts that day.
Soccer coaches (three of them), school teachers, primary stuff, tumbling stuff, scouts, activity days, piano lessons, friends, family, everything. 
My calendar went from blank, to completely black in about 3 hours. 
In between all of the scheduling and juggling, I had to go grocery shopping, and run a ton of errands with the two littles who were still recovering from me being gone, and were pretty much glued to my legs.
I was also trying to clean the house and get things back in order, over the top of our carpet being ripped up.
I was trying so hard to keep it all together, and then I went outside for a breather and saw the for sale sign in Karli's yard. 
I completely lost it.
I did the ugly cry.
I wallowed in self pity for a while.
I got angry for Karli and for what she is going through.
I got sad for my kids whose best friends will be taken from them.
I got sad for myself, whose best friend will be taken from me.
I got mad at the stupid plumbing company who did a horrid job on our house.
I got mad at everyone who was texting me with one more thing to add to the schedule.
I was pretty much just sad, and frustrated and overwhelmed.

And then my friends from our girls weekend started texting.  The timing could not have been better.  They had no idea that I was freaking out at the moment.  They were just checking in, giving support to whoever needed it, and sending out love vibes.

My heart filled back up again, I stopped my blubbering and went to work.

It is amazing what a good friend can do.

This is was a girls weekend that just keeps on giving.

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