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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

first day

 Lets get real here.  Summer was fun, summer was great, and by the end of summer, it just plain got Looonnnggg! 

By the time the first day of school rolled around, we were all more than ready.

The kids got their new clothes and their backpacks all lined up the night before.  Ben gave them their school blessings, and we had our FHE about goals, respect, importance of learning, and being a good friend and example.

As the kids went to bed that night, there was excitement in the air.

The next morning, (it about killed us to wake up early again), the house was in full swing again.

It was refreshing though to get up and get going bright and early.

I felt like William was really being watched out for this year.  After his bullying situation last year, I was hyper aware of who his teacher was, and who was in his class.

I learned about a week before school started that William was once again in a class without any of his friends, and with several of the kids that picked him last year.  I was furious!!

I called the school numerous times, and was always told to leave messages for different people.  I prayed and prayed and prayed for something to work out for my sweet boy.  We could not have a repeat of last year, no way.

I finally got ahold of the principle the day before school started.  I reminded her of William's situation last year, and of her promise to me that she would make sure he was set up for success this year.  I was very disappointed when she would not switch William's class or teacher, and just assured me that he would be fine.  I was furious!!!

As we went to back to school night, I just kept telling William that things would be ok.  We approached his new classroom and teacher, and we were shocked to see a ton of William's friends in there, one of which is his very best buddy, Tyson.

The class list was posted outside the door, and I checked it to make sure we weren't in the wrong class.  Sure enough, William was in a class full of his friends, he had a wonderful teacher that we know, and who lives in our neighborhood, and the kids that picked on his last year, were not in the class.  He is in dual immersion again, so he has two teachers this year, Mrs. Bingham, and Mrs. Howell.

I honestly just wanted to cry out of complete relief and joy.  William was thrilled!!!

I was grinning from ear to ear the morning of the first day of school, as William excitedly got his backpack on, marched to the bus stop, joined up with his friends, and got on the bus. 
No tears, no begging to stay home, and no worrying myself silly all day.

It was wonderful!!!!

Sammy boy also scored big time in the class department.  He is with a bunch of his friends as well.  He was pretty bummed to not be in the same class as his best buddy, Blake, but they still walk to and from the bus stop together, spend recess together, and live right next door.

Sam has a new teacher, Mrs. Bringhurst, who seems very cool and kind.

So far, so good with Sammy boy.  Isn't he the most handsome kid ever!

Mary goes to a different school than the boys.  She goes to Timpanogos Intermediate School.  (TIS)The 5th and 6th graders go there.
The school is doing a different thing this year, where the 6th graders have a different teacher and classroom for each subject.  Her advisor is Mrs. Winger, and she has her for one hour.  I honestly couldn't name off all of the other teachers.
Her back to school night was crazy!!  We were running all over trying to find her teachers and classrooms.  The school is old and smells like body odor times 10, and the whole thing is just awkward and tween-ish.
I could see the anxiety mounting in Mary, and I could tell she was not excited at all.  Of course, it worried me.
She didn't say much the first morning of school.
She looked so cute, and she seemed all ready to go, but her sparkle just wasn't there. 
I worried all day about her.

It didn't help that she came home in tears that day.  She walked in the door and went up to her room.  I found her there crying.  It completely broke my heart.
She missed me, she had crazy anxiety, her teachers were weird, the kids were crazy, and so on....

Come to find out, Mary had skipped breakfast that day, was too nervous and anxious to eat lunch, and she was STARVING!!  I fed her a massive snack, gave her some time alone, and within the hour, she was her happy self again, telling me that maybe school wasn't that bad after all.
Her second day went much better.  I made sure she ate breakfast, took two snacks and promised me she would eat lunch.  On top of that, it was her first day of choir, which she LOVED!!  Hooray!

She still struggles a lot with separation anxiety, and has a hard time with missing home and missing me, but she is a strong, tough girl, and she is fighting through.
I pray every night that this can be a good, positive year for her.

Luke and Molly had fun watching all of the first day of school shenanigans unfold, and they were definitely a little confused with why they couldn't get on the bus.  But they did have a fun day having the house and mom all to their selves.

It didn't take long for the "littles" of the neighborhood to realize that could now rule the cul-de-sac.  It is great!

































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