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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

miss molly turns 2

Molly's Birthday was this last weekend.

I was going to be out of town on the actual day, so we celebrated the day before.

It is so crazy with her, because as her Birthday approaches, I find myself getting really emotional, and fighting feelings of sadness and panic that she is growing up.

It must have to do with her being the youngest, but it just kills me to see her getting older.  At the same time, I love the age she is, her fun and cute personality, her cute words she is starting to say, and so on. 

Anywhoo, enough about me.  On to a better topic.  Molly!

We started her special day with a decorated house, and all of us giving her hugs and kisses.  I think she knew this was her special day.

The kids were begging to let her open her gifts before they headed off to school, so she opened her presents right off the bat.
she was really excited about the baby with a bottle that Luke picked out for her all by himself.

She got a barn with a bunch of animals.  She tried to carry ALL of the animals around with her.  She finally decided to let Mary hold a few for her, but it was after some serious negotiations.

Once the kids were off to school, I decided to try to do a little
photo shoot with her.  She was a great sport with it.  All I had was my phone and some fall d├ęcor to work with, but I think I got some fun picts. of my 2 year old!

Her stuffed horses are her most prized possessions.  Whenever we give one to her, she acts like it is the first time she has seen it, and she kisses it and squeezes it with all the strength she has. It is adorable!


I love this picture, because it captures her "angel kiss" on her hand.  One of my favorite things.

After her photo shoot, we headed off to Walmart to get ingredients for her cake, and to get her much anticipated helium balloons. 

The balloons were a huge hit!!!  Molly and Luke went nuts with them the rest of the day.
Luke was such a good sport the whole day.  He kept telling Molly Happy Birthday, and thinking of new ideas of things we could do for her to celebrate, or new gifts she might like.  It melted my heart to see him love her so much, and try to hard in his 4 year old ways, to help her feel happy and special.

Her best buddy Beckham came over and gave her the cutest gift ever!

They went to Build-A-Bear and made molly a pony.
  Inside the pony is a recording of Beckham saying "I love you molly."  Every time you squeeze the pony's foot, you can hear it.  It literally made me cry, it was the sweetest gift from the sweetest little boy.

We got Luke off to preschool for the day, and when we got home, Molly was definitely ready for a nap.  The poor girl was partied out for the moment.

While she was sleeping, I worked on her cake.

It turned out pretty well, for my limited cake making skills.
Luke thought it was the letter M, and William thought it was just a pile of different colored cupcakes, but Molly took one look at it and yelled, "nnneeeiiiggghhh" (the horse sound) and clapped her hands. That's good enough for me!
Molly played outside and played with her new toys until everyone got home.

After diner, we lit the candles and sang to her.
We taught Molly how to blow out her candles.  After she did it, and we all started clapping and cheering, she burst into laughter and could not stop.  She laughed and laughed and laughed, and begged to do it again.
So, we lit the candles, sang again, and she blew them out again.  We cheered, and she exploded into fits of laughter again.  It was hilarious, and adorable all at the same time.
And yes, we did it again, and again.

Once the candles were blown out a million times, we all dug in.
Molly loved it...of course she did, it was chocolate. :)

I think my sweet little two year old had a great day, and I hope she felt the love that we all have for her.  She is such a light in our lives, and completed us completely.

A few things about Miss Molly Grace:
She loves chocolate, tic tacs, Shakeology, and gum
She is talking a lot, and putting sentences together.
Her absolute favorite thing is horses.
She loves animals.
She is an outside girl.  She likes to jump on the trampoline, go down slides, hike, climb, and go on walks with daddy.
She is an absolute daddy's girl.  She is happy her at home with me all day, but when Ben is around, she gets an extra sparkle in her eye and hop to her step.
She is extremely coordinated.
She really, really likes books, and loves to be read to by anybody that will look at a book with her.
She thinks Mary is super cool.  She loves to go into Mary's room and explore, hold her guinea pig, go through her jewelry and chapstick, and just watch her older sister.
She is tall for her age, and at her last checkup, the doctor predicted that she will be around 5 foot 9 in!!  I about fell out of my chair.  Looks like volleyball and basketball are in the future.  Ironically, we waited a stinking hour for the pediatrition to come in the room, and during that time, Mary rolled up paper towels and handed them to Molly, who made 9 out of 10 baskets into the garbage every time.  It was amazing!
the garbage is a hole in the table right next to the Kleenex box.  About 3 feet away from Molly. She seriously made almost every shot.

We love Molly with all of our hearts.  She is so precious and so loved.

Happy Birthday Molly Grace!

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