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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, March 19, 2015

molly girl....6 month well baby

Miss Molly had her well baby check today.

 She has been sick this week, so I figured we would finally learn what has kept all of us up at night, as well as have her normal well baby check.  Two birds with one stone.  (ugh, I don't really like that saying actually)

Double ear infections!  Poor baby!

Aside from that, she is doing great! 

She is 16lbs 4 oz  (48th%)
She is a little tall. 26.5 inches (68th%)
And her head is round.  17 in  (72nd%)

She is growing really well and doing just dandy.

Even though she wasn't feeling well, she was still grabbing everything.  It was hilarious.  Poor doctor Dave.  Every single time he would lean in to check something on her, she would quickly grab his stethoscope, or the tongue depressor, or his tie, or anything she could get a hold of.  It was really funny.  She finally just started grabbing the paper on the exam table, and she tore it to shreds!

William and Luke were squirmy and ready to bust out of there, but we tried to keep them occupied with suckers and stickers.

She got some more immunizations as well.  I was more concerned about William than I was about Molly, when it came time for this.

The poor little guy just can't handle Molly getting hurt or being sad.  When the nurse came in with the shots, William did this.

The poor kid ended up crying again when they gave Molly the shots, and as with her ear piercing, he rubbed her head the whole way home telling her she would be OK.

She is going to have an awesome body guard!

Every time I go to these well baby checks, I get hit with the reality that Molly is finally here.  She is my sweet little baby girl that I have known for so long, but have only been face to face with for 6 months.  She is the little peanut sitting on the exam table all by herself, grabbing at everything, and constantly giving me quick smiles and cute grins. It makes my heart happy. She is such a sunshine.



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