My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Yup, that's no typo in the title there.  We celebrated Easter, my dad's big 60th Birthday, and watched General Conference, all in just under 2 days.
We know how to party in this family!
For my dad's 60th, we sent him on a treasure hunt to find his presents. We all got together and bought him a really nice motorcycle jacket and boots to match.  Complete surprise for him!  It was great.
We got some silly party favors, just for kicks. 
I love my dad so much, and it was awesome to be able to celebrate such an important role model in my life.


Next up was Easter.  The Easter bunny visited Bop in a dream, and told him what part of the yard he hid the eggs in.  He also told Bop that he hid some special big eggs with a special surprise in them.  Bop had a great time telling the kids about his "dream."
 And then the hunt began!

 It was a success, and the kids loved their special surprise egg with a dollar in it.

The Easter bunny didn't stop there, he also made a special egg hunt in the front yard for the adults.  I thought Devin was going to die of anticipation waiting for our turn to hunt.  It was hilarious!  I was HORRIBLE at finding the eggs, I couldn't believe how rusty I have become.  Ben and I need to seriously sharpen up our egg finding skills.

Luke got a new tool set from the Easter bunny, and was instantly obsessed, of course.  Thank heavens Bop was there for Luke to follow around and get all sorts of "tool lessons" from.

Molly got her very first baby doll and a stuffed doggy. She also got some adorable pearl earrings to match some that Mary and I got.
Sam and William got sling shots, and a BIG lesson on what is OK and what is not OK to shoot.  They are sharp shooters already.

I didn't get a picture of Mary's basket, but she got some pearl earrings, an adorable stuffed bunny, and some hair stamps.

We mixed things up a little, and the kids dyed the eggs after the egg hunt, during conference.  It was messy, but is was really fun!  There are some very cool egg dying kits out there these days!

The cousins had fun hanging out.

We made pancakes out of colored batter.  We made some very cool Easter designs, and of course, Mary made a mustache.


The trip was short and fast, but we crammed a lot of fun and a lot of memories in. 

It was really neat to have Conference and Easter together.  Nothing like listening to talks about the Savior while celebrating his Resurrection.

I am so grateful for Jesus Christ, and that he made it possible for me, and my family, to be able to be together for Eternity.  Because of Him, I am so blessed.

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