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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, March 9, 2015

miss molly grace...6 months

I am going to skip the whole introduction about how our Molly Baby is 1/2 a year old already, and how it has gone by WAY too fast, and how I can hardly even choke out the words "6 months old," and how I am in complete denial that my baby is actually growing up a little, and move right along to the good stuff....
Our Molly Grace.
 `Molly is getting better and better every day with coordination and with sitting up.  She has started scooting a little as well.  I think army crawling is in the very near future, and actual crawling isn't too far away either.

We call her "grabby" because she grabs EVERYTHING!!!  She is right now, at this very moment, grabbing the computer screen and trying to eat it!  Her favorites are grocery bags, things that make noise, jewelry, Mary's hair, and shiny objects.  She also prefers black and white still, and her favorite toy is a plastic batman.

Molly cut her first tooth, and is working on her second.  Teething has been absolutely horrible for her, but she looks so cute!

Molly has just started trying to wave goodbye, and she gave her very first kiss yesterday, to William.  William absolutely adores Molly and is constantly by her side holding her, talking to her, making her laugh, picking her nose, picking her ears, picking her fingernails, and rubbing her head.  Yesterday, at church, Molly grabbed Williams head, pulled him in, and gave him a little slobbery baby kiss on his cheek.  William was overjoyed!!!!  It was priceless.

'Molly loves to be outside.'
Molly loves to be outside, and go on walks with Daddy.

 Molly loves to bounce in her long as the music is playing.  She bounces like crazy, and it is hilarious.  She absolutely loves music, and has started dancing to it.  It is a heart melter.
 Molly is truly a light in our lives, and a joy to everyone around her.  She is so quick to smile and laugh, and truly lights up any room she is in.  She is genuinely so happy to be here, and it is contagious.
We love you so much Molly Grace, that our hearts could burst!  Happy 6 months baby girl. (cry, cry, sniff, sniff)

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Megan said...

She is SO CUTE! You guys are my heroes too. I would never in a million years venture to Home Depot like you did, so way to go!!! That's why your house is pretty and organized and clean... and mine is not! Anyway, that girl is SO CUTE!