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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, December 19, 2014

party hardy

Mary's Birthday party was yesterday.  We decided to do a bunch of "Minute-to-win-it" games.  There are two people that do a certain task, and they have one minute to do it.  Whoever does it the best in one minute wins.

It turned out to be an absolute riot!  Mary has some hilarious friends, and I can totally see how they are all such good friends.  They all have fun-loving, positive, random personalities...exactly like Mary.  She has a great group of friends!

The party was absolutely crazy, but the kids had a blast, and I kept reminding myself that it was only 120 minutes of madness, that would create memories for a lifetime.  Worth it...yes.

We put gummy bears in the bottom of bowls and covered them with whip cream.  The kids had to get the gummy bears from one bowl to another, without using hands.  ;)

Knocking over water bottles with tights on their heads.  There was a grapefruit in the legs of the tights
Shaking bells out of shoeboxes

wrapping in a roll of toilet paper

There were several other games, but I couldn't get pictures of them.

The games ended with a giant toilet paper, wrapping paper fight.  Totally nuts!

The last game was "clean up."  So fun. hehehe

Mary opened presents, and obviously her friends know her well.  She got lots and lots of craft stuff.  ;) She was thrilled.  Her friends are so nice.

The kids ate loads of chocolate ice cream topped with whip cream, gummy bears and skittles (Mary's choice for her Birthday treat) , and then hung out until the party was over. 

The hooligans:  Jett Cherry, Lydia Muelstien, Lexi Johnson, Avery, McKenna Garner, Tagg Charchenko, Bailey Sweat, and Ben.

I don't think my ears stopped ringing for hours after the last person left, but the party was a success, Mary was smiling and happy, and it was so much fun!   Whew!  We love you Mary!

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Juls said...

You are brave! Glad everyone had such a good time!