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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, December 27, 2014

little doll

When Mary was three months old, we put her in this ADORABLE dress and hat, and had her picture taken. We call it the "mad baker" picture.  It has been a favorite for sure.  She is so stinkin' cute! Look at those cheeks, and those sweet, round, blue eyes. 

We hung the picture on the wall.

Then, when the boys were three months old, we had their pictures taken, and hung those on the wall. I can't get over each of them, and their cute chubby bellies, fat cheeks, and kissy faces.

It has sure made a cute wall of babies!

Ben and I slapped our wedding picture up there as well, for proof, that somehow these adorable babies did come from us.

Now, Molly is three months old. Yeah, I know, let's not talk about it plea se.

We put her in the same dress that Mary had, and about died from the cuteness of it all!  Poor Ben was trying to take a nap, and I woke him up to show him how cute Molly looked in the dress. I couldn't wait.  He gracefully smiled and Molly smiled back at him, then he caught a few more zzzz's before the massive photo session ensued.

 We did get a picture that looks similar to Mary's.

That picture is currently getting the background fixed, so it will be the same background as Mary's.  When it is done, we will print it off, and finally, our baby wall will almost be complete.

We are done having babies, but we have one last picture we are going to hang on the wall,  When we get that picture, I will post it.

With the other babies, this picture was the easiest one to take, because we didn't want a smile in the picture.  They just looked at the camera with their adorable baby faces, and snap...picture done.  No spending hours jumping around like an idiot trying to get a baby to smile.  These three month photo sessions were always the easiest.

Molly was the opposite.  We couldn't get her NOT to smile.  She loves being held and looked at, and she just kept on smiling away. It was great.  We seriously got over 30 pictures of her, before we finally got one that looks the closest to Mary's.  We love every single picture though.

Here are some of them. 

Oh sweet Molly Grace, you are cute as a button!

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