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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, December 27, 2014


We had a wonderful Christmas this year.

We did our traditional French toast breakfast at Kneaders.  That stuff is absolutely amazing!  It is by far my favorite breakfast.

That evening we went over to our friends house (the Delories) and ate Nachos and played games with them and some other friends.  The kids also had a dance party, which was pretty funny.

When we got home, it was time to open our jammies, and put out our stockings.  The kids were so excited, and it brought the magic back from my own childhood.  We tried twice to leave cookies and milk out for Santa, but Luke kept eating it!.  Silly boy. 

Once the kids FINALLY fell asleep, Santa came.

Around 6:30am, excited whispers could be heard, and I admit, I was excited myself.  I couldn't wait to see my kids experiencing all of the magic and excitement that Christmas brings.

We looked out the window, and found a wonderful gift from mother nature as well!  It has been a very dry and warm winter, so this was awesome!  Perfect timing for a beautiful white Christmas!

We said a prayer of thanks for our Savior, Jesus Christ, and for this special holiday, and then the festivities began!
It was a very fun gift giving year.  I felt like each person had a gift that I knew for sure they would absolutely love.  I was right!  That is a great feeling for a mother.
Mary was rendered absolutely speechless when she opened her ipod touch.  She hugged me for a long time, and didn't say a word.  I have yet to see her without it.  I was so excited to give this to her, and it was a killer to keep a secret for so long.  Totally worth it!
Sam flipped out when he saw the electric motorcycle that he has been asking for, for three years now.  He starting jumping up and down, and his grin could have split his face.  It was priceless!
Luke just kept screaming "tractor, tractor" over and over again, when he opened his tractors.  He takes them everywhere, and even sleeps with them.
William was so relieved that Santa had remembered that he wanted a power rangers robot.  Santa was even cool enough to bring two of them!
Molly was just happy to be there, and she loved her new little crinkle blanket, that she can also suck on.
Ben's gift was one I was really excited about as well.  I got him a bracelet with all of the kids' birthstones in it.  When I though of the idea, I knew it would be perfect for Ben.  He said that it is probably the most special gift he has ever had. 
Ben did great for me too.  He got me some much needed running shoes, the new Lady Antebellum album, and an awesome down comforter. The Red Robin gift card was an awesome surprise as well!
It was just one of those Christmases where everyone was so happy to give and to receive.  It was tons of fun!
The kids with their favorite gifts.

Luke and Molly had their afternoon naps, and Luke made sure to put is tractors down for a nap as well.

she has a little line in her hair from her headband

Luke had his first day in MONTHS, where he didn't trash the house, and scream as loud as he could all day.  It was wonderful!  He just made himself a little fort, put all of his toys in it, and happily played.  Talk about a Christmas miracle!  He is so dang cute.

Later that evening, when all was said and done, Sam walked up to me and said, "Mom, thank you so much.  This was the best Christmas ever!"  I could tell he truly meant it. My heart melted.

Christmas is my favorite time of year!

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Juls said...

I love that picture of Luke kissing Molly! So precious! I also love the pictures of the kids crashed out! Sounds like everyone had a great Christmas!