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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

mary's "mature" and super cute room

A few months ago, Mary informed me that her "under the sea" room was just too "little girlish" now. 

The next day, I noticed that she had taken down all of the fish from her walls.  I told her that she could have a new room, but it would have to be for her Birthday.  I wasn't about to paint and re-decorate a room, just because.  She agreed to make it her Birthday present, so we have spent the past couple months picking out colors.

Mary has great taste, and knew exactly what she wanted. 

I spent 8 hours yesterday painting and decorating, in order to get her room done by her Birthday, which is today. 

It was not easy, considering I had 5 kids to take care of, and Ben was working.  It took some serious juggling, and tons of energy and time, but I got it done.  I must love my daughter. :)

I didn't let Mary see her room until this morning, after she opened her presents.  Her squeal said it all. Mary does not squeal, so that was a huge reaction coming from her.  She absolutely loves it!  I must say, I think it is adorable.

Happy Birthday Mary! 

The ceiling was a light blue, so I had to do 3 layers of white to cover it up.  That took the longest, and was crazy hard to do. The blue and pink colors that Mary picked out are so bright and fun.  It was actually fun to paint with such cute colors.   It looks great!

She really wanted a white down comforter for her bed, so she got that for a Birthday present.  The fun curtains were another present.  She LOVES those...of course. 

The two things she wanted the most were Chinese lanterns and a saucer chair.  She has style!

Her shelf holds her sand collections, and her medals, autographed shirts,  and trophies from tumbling and gymnastics competitions.  She drew an amazing picture of a bird to put by her bird cage, and she is convinced that her pet bird, Doby, loves it.  I know I do.

Another thing she really wanted was lights.  That part was easy, considering lights are for sale everywhere right now.

All of those pictures are of Taylor Swift.  They came with her new album.
Mary got a doorbell this morning, and also a safe to keep her special stuff in. (Luke has a talent for getting into Mary's special things)

 The doorbell is a huge hit!  Mary thinks it is great, and so do her brothers.  They love to ring it, and she loves to have them ring it. It cracks me up. 

So there you have it...a room fit for a 10 year old.

 Excuse my while I go cry about time going too fast,  and freak out with the fact that I have a child in the double digits. 

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