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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, September 26, 2014

miss molly... 2 weeks

Molly is 2 weeks (and 3 days) old!

She continues to be an extremely sweet baby, and compared to what we are used to, she is very calm.
She did show signs of acid reflux toward the end of her first week, so we got her on some meds that seem to be helping with the acidity of the liquid moving up and down her throat.
The medicine can "clog" her up, and has made for a couple rough days, but we have learned through experience, exactly how to "un-clog" her, so with the help of a little Miralax, all is well in poop land once again.

She is awake more often now, and she still loves to be held, cuddled, swaddled, and talked to.


She has an extremely special spirit and feeling around her, and it makes her very addicting to be around.  We truly can't get enough of her.  The connection she has to my heart is something that cannot be put into words, but is felt every time I hold her.  It goes beyond this earthly world.
She just makes you feel good when you are holding her, or near her.  Even the kids seem to notice it, and want to be around her.

Sam, who is our most meek and softhearted child, seems to notice it more than the others, and is always asking to hold her, and will not walk by her without kissing her head or squeezing her hand.  It is very cute.

She had her 2 week appointment a few days ago, so here are a few stats.
She is 7 pounds 12 oz (38th%)
21 1/4 inches long (92nd %)
Head circ. 14 in. (63rd%)
She eats about every 3 to 4 hours, and she takes in about 2-3 ounces.

Even the doctor seemed to hold her a little longer, and couldn't help but smile as he looked at her.
He referred to her as a "very sweet and precious being."  I agree.

She is doing great, and we are trying to soak in her infancy as best we can.

We love you Molly Grace!

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