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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, September 1, 2014

canyons downhill race

Ben had his last downhill bike race of the season today.  It was in Park City at the Canyons ski resort.

My cousin's husband Morgan was also registered for the race, so we got to visit with Robin and Morgan and their kids on and off throughout the weekend.

I was not sure whether or not to take the kids up to the race, seeing how I am due any day now, and I wasn't sure how the parking and walking to the finish line with all 4 kids was going to be.

I decided to go though, and am glad we did.  We got a great parking spot, and there wasn't much of a hike at all.  The weather was perfect, and the kids had some buddies to hang out with. Even if there had been a crazy hike to the finish line, I am ready to do almost anything to try to get our little girl here!

It is important to me that our family supports each other in the things we do, so I really wanted to kids to be able to see Ben and support him.

We ended up finding Robin there, and getting a spot to sit right smack at the finish line!  We were able to cheer on Ben and Morgan as they came flying through the finish line, completing their runs with a jump.

Robin and I were relieved to see Ben and Morgan come down in one piece (well, kind of.  Morgan ended up needing stitches under his eye due to a crash).
Ben finishing his ride by going off a jump.

No one was able to do a warm up run today, and that definitely was not cool.  Ben did a great job, and went for it anyway.

Great job Ben, and good way to finish out your first competitive downhill season!

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