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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It's only been a week and a half since we have been back from Disneyland, but I have been really busy and haven't really had time or energy to blog. 

I slept in today, the sun is shining, and I have some rare down time, so here is my catch up post of our happenings lately.

I found this picture from Disneyland.  My kids weren't really into the characters, but I did get two of the kids to pose with Pluto.  William was scared of him and just scowled at him with his arms straight down and hands balled into fists.  It only egged Pluto on and he continued to follow William around and tease him.  The more he teased, the more defiant William got.  It was hilarious!  Oh, good times.

Sam is absolutely in love with his lizard.  It is the most loved, held, played with, and shown off lizard I know.  It is so fun to see Sam so incredibly into something.  He named it Spike.  Spike is tropical, so we have to keep the cage wet and humid.  He was getting pretty thin and lethargic, and we found out that he will only eat what he can hunt.  So, instead of millworms, we feed him crickets, and he loves them.  William spent almost 1/2 an hour just watching Spike hunt and eat crickets the other day.  William is very in to the lizard too, and is asking for one of his own.
I got the "pleasure" of bringing Spike in for show and tell.  Sam was so proud and just grinned the whole time.  Spike was a huge hit.  I am so glad we got the lizard.  It has been great so far. (and really easy to take care of)

show and tell

William decided that he is strong, and loves to show off his ribs...I mean muscles...every chance he gets.  He is still very cuddly and is a huge home body.  He is approaching my favorite age...4.  He is hilarious, fun, easier to reason with, eager to please, sensitive, and is big enough to play with his siblings and his friends well.  Aahhh, he is at a great age.  Love my William!

Mary has a really big tumbling meet coming up this weekend. It is in the Salt Palace in Salt Lake and there will be over 1000 athletes competing.  She is excited for it.

She is also caught in 2 different groups of friends.  One group in the cul de sac, and one at school. Both groups are a group of 3 girls.  3 girls is a recipe for disaster.  She is the least drama oriented of them all, but still gets tangled in the fights sometimes.  I have had to pray a lot and stress a lot about how to tell Mary to handle things and how to teach her to be a good friend.  It has been a big learning time for us as parents, and for her.

This week, for the first time, I had to call a parent and talk to her about her daughters horrible, and cruel treatment toward Mary for almost 2 months.  It was turning into bullying and causing Mary to dislike school, and become very quiet, down on herself, and withdrawn. It was heartbreaking to watch.
I HATE confrontation when it comes to talking to a parent about their child, it is probably one of the most sensitive subjects out there, but this was necessary.  I stressed over it and prayed about it for a week before I made the phone call, and I tried really hard to be understanding and non confrontational, but still get my point across. 
The mother was kind, understanding, and wonderful.  The teacher got involved, and the bullying has stopped so far, and Mary has one of her best friends back.  Oh wow...pretty intense!  I am glad that Mary is really good at brushing most things off, and just waiting out the storm while doing other things she likes. Sometimes though, things can just go too far. 

I am so grateful for this mother, and for people in general, that are willing to kindly and rationally talk things out, be respectful, confront the problem in a mature way, and then let things go.  I have learned throughout my life, that this is vital when it comes to dealing with people and keeping friendships and relationships.  I am pretty sure that this is why I am loving my 30's so far, and all my my friends in their 30's. Our relationships are real, close, and based on something deep, understanding, and mature. Crap does not matter to us as much.  It seems to be the age where we all finally figure this out.

Mary is signed up to play soccer for the first time, and is extremely excited.  She is growing into a really good friend of mine, and has her head on straight.  She is fun, creative, active, responsible, and a great daughter to have.

Luke turned into a 2 year old overnight.  He is talking up a storm (thank you tubes!), has the energy of a wild monkey on steroids, and LOVES to get into everything.  His absolute favorite thing to do is pretend to cook with real dishes.  He unloads our cupboards and dishwasher numerous times a day and "cooks" all day.  He also loves to play with the vacuum and anything that plugs into an outlet. (that isn't scary at all..bahahahaha) He finds a great thrill in going through the pantry, dumping over the trash can, trashing Mary's room, and running very, very far away when we go outside. He is adorable and full of life, but oh, so, so, so, exhausting for this pregnant body of mine.  I literally let out a HUGE sigh and collapse on our bed when he finally falls asleep each night.  Then I smell his sweet smell, kiss his cheeks, and soak him all in, before zonking.

Ben has taken the kids skiing a few times, and is trying to squeeze in a few more before the season is over.  He is working hard and doing well with Cintas.  He is working through a sore back at the moment, which we hope will be short term. He is my anchor and has been a good sport through the fun first trimester hormones, fatigue and grumpies.  I am blessed to have him.

As for me, well, I am pregnant.  All I really have energy to care about at the moment, aside from my family, is sleep and any food with a good solid base of tomato or pizza sauce.

Life is good.

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