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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, March 22, 2014

cold hard truth

The day finally came.  A day I have been dreading, but knew was coming quickly.

Mary asked me about Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and so on.

And this time, I told her the truth.  The cold, hard, truth.

I hated doing it.  I felt like I was sucking the childhood, the magic, and the naïve little sparkle out of child.

Overdramatic, oh yeah, but that is how it felt to me.

I have LOVED having all of my children believing, experiencing the magic, and thrill, and the joy of magical people doing wonderful things. 

I tenderly explained to Mary that even though she now knew, the magic wouldn't die unless she let it.  She could now help take part in, and create the magic for others.  She was an official Elf.

She thought that was really cool, and actually took it all very well and maturely. She has already figured it out and pretty much known for a while now anyway.

I know that a lot of parents out there are growing more and more against "lying to our children by telling them there is a Santa," but honestly, I have zero regrets, and I don't feel it is lying at all.

I love letting my children experience the full magic and wonder of the holidays.  I don't care that I don't get all of the credit at Christmas, because they believe in Santa.  I think that is a very selfish way to look at it actually.  Does it really matter who gets the credit.  Isn't it all about giving and loving anyway?

I think it is a fun and wonderful thing, that children can only truly believe in for such a short time.  Why take that magical part of childhood away from them?

Yes, it was so hard to tell Mary.  No, she did not think I was a lair, and feel like she had been deceived and ruined.  She actually thanked me for letting her believe and have those wonderful memories, and she is so excited to help make that joy for her siblings now.

Oh, but how Mary is growing up too fast these days!

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