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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, June 30, 2013

you dumb pigs!

When I was younger, I LOVED pigs.  I ended up collecting them.  Not real ones, but stuffed pigs, glass pigs, pj's with pigs on them, and so on.  Weird...yes.

I had a book called, "PIGS," go figure, and the little girl in the book would always say, "hey you dumb pigs" before they would do something clever and naughty.

We have three guinea pigs.  I just call them our pigs, for short.

To our excitement, Marsha (our one and only female) gave birth a few months ago to 2 adorable babies.  I posted about them somewhere on this blog.

All of the pigs have been happily living together as one big happy, piggish, stinkish, poofyish, pig family.

And then Father's Day came.  Mary and Sam went down to feed the pigs, and came up crying.  The two babies were dead.

To make matters worse, they had been attacked and killed by the adult males in the cage with them. My guess:  the babies were old enough to like their mother... a lot, if you know what I mean.  The other two males weren't too fond of sharing.  So they attacked.  Seriously!  For the love of celibacy! Oh, I still get so mad! 

It was a very sad day in pig land.  We humans were all very sad too. Poor Mary was the most broken hearted.  Ben and the kids buried them with the other baby that died at birth.  The plan was to plant a tree there "to remember them by," but now I am not so sure I want to grow a tree that is being fertilized by three dead guinea pigs. hhhmmm

I was pretty heartbroken as well, and then I just got mad.  I decided that I don't like those male guinea pigs of ours anymore.  So, I posted them for sale on KSL and Craigs list, all the while muttering, "you dumb pigs!"

Just yesterday, as I was walking through the backyard, I noticed that the baby pigs had been dug up.  That was a pretty sight.  Barf.  Of course, Mary ran over there and commented on how cool it was that there were worms all over them.  Double barf.  Thank you Mary, now please re bury them, about 10 feet deeper this time, thank you.

They haven't sold yet.  I guess people don't want cannibals for pets, but here's to hoping. Any takers???

RIP sweet Darla and Alfalfa.


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