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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, June 22, 2013

ragnar...builds character, friends, memories and stinkiness

There is so much to say, so much that happened, so many feelings, I just don't really know how to blog about it.  My facebook post can kind of sum it up. 

"Absolutely LOVED Ragnar! We laughed, we ran, we hurt, we ran, we laughed some more, we ran, we threw up, and still ran, we got slap happy, slept out in 36 degrees, we ran, we did flag routines and silly cheers, we ran. Oh, I miss it so much already. Go team Runaway Brides. Thanks for one of the best weekends a girl could ask for!"

It truly was an absolute blast!  Ben and I are totally sold, and plan on doing many more of these. 

Some stats:
Team: 12 people, 2 vans.  6 people in each van

Total Distance: 198.3 miles, from Logan, Utah to Park City, Utah

Time:  33 hours for our team..ah yeah, go us!

Our Team: Runaway Brides

We were van 1 :Annie and Jason Dixon, Katie and Landon Ladwig, me and Ben.

I was runner 1: 7.7 miles-very hard, 8.3 miles- very hard, 5 miles- moderate  Total miles:20.9

Ben was runner 2: 7,7 miles-very hard, 3 miles- easy, 3.3 miles- easy Total miles: 14

Quotes:  "I may or may not have just pooped my pants"    "Hey Katie, want a wheat thin"  "Look at he/she go!"  "That runner is a child!  Isn't it way past his bedtime"  "I just put my bare bum on this front seat."  "That is uphill, not it's not, it is downill, um, its uphill."

In all of the runs I have done, marathons, 1/2 marathons, 10K's, Dirty Dash, ect.  I would have to say that this was an experience like none other.  Because a lot of the runs are up VERY steep hills, and down VERY steep hills, lack of sleep, running at all times of day and night, and soreness, it is a big mental game and at times, was pretty tough.

At the same time, because of the team support, constant laughter, talking with friends, fun-loving atmosphere, and silly costumes, it makes it all worth it, and was so much fun! 
Me and Katie, my best friend since 1st grade.  Isn't she cute!

Yup, he's mine...all mine.  He even held my hand!

It turned out that our van finished our last runs right here, at our kids' school!  We were able to come to our house and shower and rest before meeting the other van at the finish line.  Pretty cool to run right here through our beautiful Heber Valley.

I almost backed out of doing this so many times, because of my health being weird, and lack of any serious training.  Yes, my runs felt harder than they would have been if I had trained better, and I got so sick on my 2nd run of 8 miles of sheer downhill drop, that I threw up profusely over the guard rail with still 5 miles to go, but I was also very proud of myself for still keeping a good pace with my other runs, and finishing my last 5 mile run at or slightly faster than my full marathon pace.

First run, first runner.  Starting out Ragnar.

Finishing one of the hardest runs I have ever done in my life.  2 miles straight up a ski mountain, and then 6 miles at a steep downhill grade.  I threw up at mile 3 and cramped in my legs and stomach for 5 more miles.  Without the support of my husband and my van, I never would have finished it.  It became a very defining run for me.

Ben was amazing!  He has never done a running race like this before, and he had never run as far as he was required to on his first run.  He blasted all of his runs out and ended strong.  He was so supportive and fun to be with. It was so neat to do this with him.  It is what made it as amazing as it was.  He was so strong and really inspired me.  He says he's not a runner, but he sure could have fooled me these past two days.  He really did awesome!
Ben finishing up his last run, and getting ready to pass off the slap bracelet to our next runner.  Isn't he hot!


Ben handing off to Annie.  I loved the slap bracelet, I thought it was hilarious...until it got sweaty!

I am so glad I didn't back out of doing it.  It was an unforgettable experience, and so, so, so much fun!  I loved the people we were with.  I am probably bias, but I think we had the best van of people ever! 

I really do miss it so much already!

Ben and I plan on doing more of these for sure.  Ragnar or bust!


Deanna said...

you guys are AMAZING!!! If I had HALF the guts you'd be living my dreams! LOL!

erin d. said...

SO awesome! Way to go! I may have to add something like this to my bucket list, that means I need to get my butt in shape, wish you were close by to be my trainer :) I need one desperately, I have no motivation, or work out dedication... just sleep deprivation. :) Love you guys, what an incredible memory to have.

Lisa said...

so fun to have had Ben by your side! Katie looks great--so glad you did it and had such a great time! Funny how it's the really hard gut wrenching (literally) experiences that are the best! :)