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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

what gives

Yesterday, William and I celebrated our Birthday.  I sure do love sharing this day with my William.  Some people thing it must stink, because I have to "share" my Birthday, but I feel the exact opposite.  A Birthday is a time to celebrate a person's life and the day someone was born.  The mother is always involved in that day, after all, she is the one who delivered, raised and carried the baby.  I think it is great to share this day with my buddy. 

Our Birthday was good.  It was a little up and down, but it was good.  For William, I tried really hard to help him feel loved and special.  Every once in a while one of us would say to the other, "Happy Birthday," and then the other would say it back, and we would giggle, like it was a fun little secret or something.  It was hilarious when William would instigate it.  He played outside, ate an innumerable amount of popsicles, got lots of snuggles, and helped me frost all of his cupcakes in fun and silly designs.  He was very happy, and felt loved. It was a great day for him.

William had 2 requests on this day of his.  Cupcakes, and a backpack.  Pretty easy huh! 

The day started, for me, after waking up from a night of hardly any sleep.  Sam and Luke threw up all night long.  Ben woke up sick as well. It was pretty frustrating for me to spend a lot of the day doing laundry with puke all over it, and tending to sad, grumpy kids, but hey, I am a mother, and illness does not care what day it is.  Ben tried to help and ease the load.

Mary also dropped a 40 pound boulder on her fingers that morning, so we spent some time at the doctor with her.  Her hand was too swollen to x-ray, so the doctor splinted her two most bruised and swollen (and possibly broken) fingers and said to come back in a few days, if the pain is still severe. 

I had some nice phone calls from family, and a couple neighbors brought some treats over.  Ben also had a cute little gift set out for me that morning.  I felt loved, and the day was special, it was just kind of up and down a lot with a sick family.

I FINALLY got a call from the doctor about my last blood test results yesterday afternoon.  He said that everything was normal, but that my estrogen levels have dropped even more.  Not good news, and a little confusing, because my FSH was normal, and usually that would be off if the estrogen was low.  He is going to talk with another specialist today and then he promised to call me before 1:00 with a plan of what to do from here.  He did say that things weren't looking good though, whatever that means.  Made my heart drop for sure, but I am still trying to have hope.

We drove to Provo in the evening and ate at my favorite restaurant, Red Robin.  I am pretty much the only one that ate, but it was good, and nice to get out of the house.

We went shopping afterward.  The past several summers, I have either been pregnant, or just had a baby, so I don't have many normal summer clothes.  It was fun to get some new clothes.

Ben was feeling really sick after that, so I did one quick run in to Target to get William's last gift, and we came home.

It was late by then, so we quickly had William open presents, and then tried to go to bed.  Blowing out the candles is yet to happen.  It just got too late, and no one felt good.  William didn't notice, so it was fine.  He was too excited about his new toys to care.

I stayed up until midnight with sick kids, and then finally crashed. 

Guess who woke up this morning at 6:15.  Yup, ALL of the kids.  They feel great and are ready to roll.  And yes, it is an early morning day for Ben at work, so he is gone. Guess who is sick now.  Yup, me.  Nice timing huh. So, who takes care of mom?

What gives.

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erin d. said...

Stinkin motherhood. Why don't moms get sick days eh?
Wishing you well and a speedy recovery. Glad you got your red robin dinner! Freckled lemonades are heaven in a glass. Especially since are bottomless. So glad you were born!