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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, May 13, 2013

mothers day...literally

As I have been thinking about Mother's day yesterday, I can't help but chuckle and cringe at the same time.  Oh, it was just so ironic to me.  It was a great day, and yet, it was the day in the life of a mother...the good and the not so good.

We had a great weekend.  My family came, and we had a good time.  They got to see our new house, we went on a nature walk by a river, played at a park (yes, all of us dad even did some pull-ups for us!),  had milkshakes, watched silly internet videos, made Kneaders French Toast, and talked and hung out.  It was a very fun weekend, and I was happy to be able to spend Mother's Day with my mom.

My family left Sunday morning, and them my kids presented me with some very cute Mother's Day gifts.  Ben even helped them do a candy bar poster.  It was a warm, fuzzy, morning.  The kind of Mother's Day morning you figure a lot of mothers have. 

And then we went to church.

And we all sat in the middle of the middle row.

Do I even need to say more?

I was wearing my cute, newish outfit that I have only worn once before.  I had on my favorite necklace and some new bracelets from Ben as well.  We all sat down for Sacrament meeting, and I began to play with Luke, on my lap.

About 5 minutes into Sacrament meeting, I felt something warm on my lap.  I looked down just as Luke finished peeing all over me.  It had completely bypassed his diaper somehow, and had completely soaked my skirt, to the point of no return.  I did my best to wipe up what I could, but it was so incredibly soaked, that I ended up going home to change.

Around that same time, William decided to announce, in his loudest voice that he , "had to go pee...right now!"  So Ben and I stepped on toes, squished past, bumped into, and apologized our way past everyone on the bench and out into the hall.  I went home with Luke, Ben took William to the bathroom.

When I got back, and had bumped and squished my way back to our seat, I had been sitting for no more than 5 seconds when William announced in his loudest voice, while grabbing his bum, that "he had to poop...right now!"  This brought on a lot of chuckles from people around us, and some eye rolling from Ben and I.

So, Ben grabbed William and stepped on toes, squished, bumped and apologized his way past everyone again, and out into the hall to the bathroom with William.

As soon as they left, Sam told me that he needed a drink, and Mary decided that she had to go to the bathroom right that second.  So, I shook my head, and sent them on their way.

As they were bumping past everyone, and Ben was squishing his way back with William, Luke decided to grab our "ultra crayon container" complete with over 100 crayons, and dump it upside down.  Awesome.  He also decided to scream his head off when I tried to pick them up.

Pretty soon, the crayons were picked up and Mary and Sam had smashed their way back to our seats.  I was dying.

After Sacrament meeting ended, we were told that they guys were taking over Primary, so the Mother's could have a break and go to Relief Society.  Awesome!  That made my day. 

And then I realized that Ben had to teach, so I would have to take Luke.  Dang. 

I figured Luke wouldn't be that hard.  Wrong!  I ended up in the hall during Sunday school, and then decided to try Relief Society.

Luke was so sweet and cute, and I was reflecting and how much I love being a mother.  I had just been so upset during Sacrament meeting, and now I was here, smiling and happy again.  Tis' the life of a mother.  So typical.

I was enjoying the amazing lesson, holding my sweet baby, when Bam! Luke, grabbed my fsvorite necklace and yanked.  The beads flew everywhere!  argh!  As I was scooping up the beads and apologizing to everyone around me, Luke found the crayons once more, and poured them out.  After I cleaned the mess, I took him him out to the hall.  On our way out, he managed to grab some old lady's purse and dump it out.  Yikes!

Church ended, I felt like a failure in every way.  And then, William came bursting out of nursery with an adorable picture he made for me.  All was right in the world of motherhood once more.

We came home, the kids fought and fought and fought.  I wanted to rip my hair out, and once more, feelings of failure came.

And then the kids took me outside for their "super surprise."  They had made up a play and showed it to me.  My heart turned to butter, and I gloried in the moments I was lucky enough to have.  I felt so blessed.
Kids performing "The Stinky Cheese Man and the Little Old Lady"

Soon after, Sam came screaming into the house.  Ben and I flew out of our chairs as we saw the blood pouring our of Sam's head and down his back.  I went to grab the keys, no question here.  Stitches would need to happen.

As Ben held a sock to Sam's head (the only thing he could get to fast enough), I decided to check out the damage.  To our shock, it stopped bleeding! 

I have no idea how or why.  Sam's back was completely covered in blood, his underware was even a deep red. 

We later learned that William was throwing rocks, and had accidentally hit Sam who was in front of him.

I went from fear, to anger (thinking William did it on purpose), to guilt (when I found out it was an accident), to worry, to relief (the bleeding stopped).  We ended up keeping him home and putting ice on his head.

Our neighbor, a nurse, came over and looked at it.  It is basically a hole in Sam's head that would only require a stitch or two, so we decided to not worry about it.

The poor kid has a huge bump on his head, but to his joy, a great story to tell.  I was in a funk by this point of the day.  Not sure what to feel anymore.

I was so worried about Sam, feeling bad that I wasn't there to stop it, and wondering if he hated me, when he came and told me that he had a surprise for me.
The forgiveness of a child is amazing.  It was a happy mothering moment indeed.

And then Ben made dinner, did the dishes and took the kids on a walk.  I snuggled in Bed, read a book, and looked out the window at the gorgeous mountains, and all was right in the world once more. 

The kids came home, we did crazy and mostly chaotic bedtime routine, and then I snuggled my baby until he fell asleep. 

I made the rounds and kissed all of my children good night.  I couldn't help but say a little "Happy Mother's Day to me, you lucky lady."  And then I went to sleep.

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Familia Morales said...

Wow Becky! You always have so many stories to tell. Happy Mother's Day to you!