My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, May 13, 2013

because just painting isn't enough

I have been busy painting.  Painting is a big undertaking, and that should have been plenty in and of itself.  But, I am me.  And for some reason, fate has other ideas for what should and shouldn't be enough.

Mary, wanted an under the sea room.  I wanted her to have a bright, happy, flower filled, fairy, candy colored room.  Mary informed me that, that was a little bit babyish for her now.  NNNOOOOOoooooo!  Sniff, sniff.

I had to agree with her, and I also realized that you are a kid once.  You have your own, cute, kid bedroom once.  Why not let Mary have the room she wants, will love and will remember.  So, under the sea it was.

I got the blue and periwinkle paint and went to work.  I was extremely nervous painting in our brand new house. Oh, did I mention that it was Mary's idea to mix blue and purple.  I thought it was genius!  Blue walls, purple ceiling.  I was thrilled to get the little bit of "girl color" mixed in there.

I slowly, and very methodically began painting her room.  I fretted over every tiny drip.  I was so nervous about painting the ceiling and possibly dripping paint somewhere.  I think I gave myself a cold sore and maybe an ulcer, but I was determined not to drip...anywhere.

I was so proud of myself when the room was done, and not one drop of paint was out of place!!!!   I felt like cheering, so I did.  Yup, I do stuff like that sometimes.  There may or may not have been some dancing as well.

I have to admit.  I really love her room now.  We all do.  It is so cool!

Dresser complete with Beach towel, lava lamp, tray with sand and shells, and a glowing jellyfish.

Dolphin...Mary's favorite part of the room.  Pillow pet dolphin as well, and a very cute purple comforter that didn't really get the best picture., but is so adorable.

Her "waterfall, that has real water and makes it sound like you are in the sea, another glowing jellyfish, and stuffed dolphins, fish and an octopus.

As I was basking in my victory, I failed to see my little #4, sneak past me.  Naturally, he was extremely curious about the big shiny container filled with smooth looking colored stuff, and naturally, he pulled on it in order to get a better look.  End result:  1/2 gallon of periwinkle paint poured all over the blanket I had on the carpet.

I was horrified at the sight, and then thrilled that it all landed on the blanked.  Pretty sure another cold sore popped out right then and there. I quickly bundled up the blanked, and ran it down the stairs and out the door, where I placed it on the rock field of a yard we have.  I also placed the paint roller and tray out there as well.  As I made my way back up to the very sad Luke, whose play was so quickly taken away, I came face to face with my biggest fear for the day.

The paint had poured from the blanket, down the stairs, across the living room, and out the door.  I must not have bundled the blanket enough.

Oh, and did I mention that our carpet is light.  Oh yeah.

This was the first time I have cried over something in our new home getting dented, smashed, nicked, or just un-newified.  After all, I have 4 active children.  I am smart enough to know that things will happen, and I really try hard not to sweat the little things and just let my kids live a point.

This big, purplish, bluish mess dripping down the stairs, and pooling on others, staring me in the face, was more than I could handle though, and the tears came.

After my pity party, I got to work. 

For FOUR hours.

Yup, I scrubbed, soaked, sponged, scrubbed, soaked, sponged, wiped, washed, dried, called neighbors to borrow cleaner after using all of mine, called my mom for tips and pity, and did everything I could for the next 4 hours to undo this horrid mess.

I ended up getting most of it up.  I seem to be the only one that can still see the blue peeking through the carpet on our stairs, and as long as I am the only one that can still see it, I am happy.

The next day, as Ben and I were walking around the house making plans with our landscaper, Ben looked at the house and gasped.  I turned my gaze to where Ben was staring, and my jaw dropped as well. 

In all of the mayhem, I had forgotten to throw away the roller and the tray that I had placed outside.

As a result, my #3 had decided to help with the painting.
on the outside of our house and on the cement.


No tears this time, but I am pretty sure another cold sore popped out.

Needless to say, we are now waiting for our dude from Edge Homes to come over and hopefully give us a color match, so we can paint over this.

Oh, why can't painting just be that...painting.  *sigh*

I have also painted the boys room and guest room since then.  I figured the worst had happened, so I no longer had fear, just defeat.  Boo.

I am happy with how the other rooms turned out though.

Guest room:
I fell in love with this green color!  Turned out great.  And of course, I smile every time I see that dresser.

Boys room:

This is very similar to how their room was in Herriman.  The other wall is brown, but wouldn't show up on the camera.  They have the airplanes hanging from the ceiling, and I am thinking of painting a road that goes around the walls, or the top border in their room to match the street signs.  We will see.

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