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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, May 23, 2013

celebrating luke

Luke's first Birthday was yesterday.  I love my kids' Birthdays, because I love any reason to celebrate them and give them some extra attention. 

We kept the day simple, maybe too simple....oops.  The older 3 were disappointed that they didn't wake up to decorations.  I ended up going to the store that morning and buying some balloons to decorate with.

The house was properly decorated when they came home from school.  :)

I think Luke knew the day was special and that he was special.  He was his normal cute self all day.  I watched the clock throughout the day and remembered the events of his birth as they unfolded one year ago.  Such a special time.

I am no triple P mom (perfect pinterest party mom), but I can guarantee that these fun caterpillar cupcakes tasted just as good as any other, and my kids enjoyed them all the same.  In fact, I didn't even look at Pinterest for Birthday ideas.  Go me.  I love that website, but sometimes, I just need a break from attempting perfection and to just enjoy the moment.

Luke loved his first taste of cupcake as well.  After a few tentative nibbles, he grabbed the cupcake with both hands and shoveled it in.  Thatta boy!

Poor William was so sure that it was his Birthday all day. I have told him all week that it would be Luke's Birthday, but it just didn't sink in.  I let him eat cupcakes and gave him lots of love and attention, hoping to alleviate feelings of jealousy in him, but the poor guy still had a rough day.

He ended up opening up Luke's presents for him, immediately became territorial over them, and then he later took them up to his bed and slept with them.  Luke doesn't even know he got a toy phone for his Birthday yet.  Oh William. 

Good thing his Birthday is in a few weeks.  Too bad we share the day. He is going to be ultimately confused. "No William, it's Luke's Birthday.  OK, now it's yours, but it's also mine."    Nope...not going to work in that 2 year old head of his.  I think I will just pick a new day for my Birthday for the next few years.

Luke had is well baby check up today.  He is still our little guy, especially in height, but he is healthy, happy and as sweet as ever.  13% for height   40% for weight.

Tidbits about our little tidbit:
Walking since around 10 months.
Says momma and ba (bottle)
waves bye bye
drinking whole milk more formula!!!!
Loves water, especially bath time.
Likes music.
Hates the car.
Really hates diaper changes.
Gives great kisses.
Sweet nature.
Chirps and chatters all day long.
Takes one long nap a day.
Enjoys being outside and playing with his siblings.
Has 4.5 teeth.
Favorite food:  rits crackers and milk

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