My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Since it is Valentine's Day this week, I have been thinking a lot lately about my special valentine, Ben. I love him so much. I decided to post about him and some of the reasons I love him so much. So, get ready for a trip back to grade school folks, because I am going to do the name letter thingy.

SOME of the reasons I love Ben.

B- Buddy. Ben is just a great buddy. I love how we can just hang out and laugh with each other. We can entertain ourselves for a long time just pulling faces, talking, playing a silly made up game, and just hanging out together.

E- Easy to talk to. Every time I need to talk he is there. He is the best listener in the world. Seriously, he just lets me talk and talk and talk. He can get me to open up about anything, and he can tell right away when something is wrong.

N- Never complains. This is crazy to me, but I honestly can count on one hand how many times I have heard Ben complain. He listens to me rant and rave about how hard life is sometimes, but he doesn't say much about his hard times. He is such an amazing example of doing your duty with a good attitude. He is so humble and patient. It is awesome. I am dang lucky.

J- Just, simply, amazing. I just love Ben. He has so many amazing qualities. When we met, we immediately hit it off. I loved everything about this man that had just come into my life, and that love has only grown over the years. We connected, and that connection has been so strong ever since. I am so grateful I have him in my life.

A- Amazing father. I love watching Ben with our kids. His love for them shows so strongly when he is with them. He adores our little kiddos. He never complains when I have something to do, and he is alone with the kids for long periods of time. I really appreciate that. I also love that I can see so much of Ben in our kids. It makes me smile.

M- Mellow. I love that Ben is so mellow and even with his moods and actions. (so opposite me) He is such a rock. He is a man that is solid and sure, and it takes a LOT to rock his boat. I LOVE that in a man.

I- In tune. Ben is very in tune with the spirit, with me, and with our kids. He is conscious of all of our needs and is very aware with what goes on with our family. He exercises his priesthood in such a loving and sacred manner. I love the way he is such a rock with his faith as well. He is very in tune with the spirit, and is ready and willing to listen when he feels prompted to do something.

N- Not lazy. I know this is weird, but I love having a husband who has so much love for the outdoors and for active things. We are so alike in this area and it makes life a lot of fun. When he gets into the mountains, his spirit just soars. I love watching him in his element. I love getting out in the mountains with him, hiking with him, exploring with him, playing sports with him, working out with him in the gym while he works his sizzlin' hot muscles, ect. His build is to die for! I love it!

The list doesn't end there, but his name does, so I guess I will stop. There are so many more reasons I love my hunny, and the list will only keep growing and growing as we continue on in life together. I am so grateful for Ben and I am so grateful that the Lord gave him to me. How blessed I am. Love you babe!


The Hardy Things in Life said...

OH Becky that was so sweet and such a great idea! I think I might do the same for my man! Would that be okay? Also I love Mary's talk and those pictures that she drew are just adorable! love you guys!

Harris said...

Becky. You are the most adorable thing ever and you have a beautiful family. That was a really nice little tribute to your hubby. What a great wife. I LOVE the cute little primary talk. The pictures were fabulous. It's so fun getting in touch. You look amazing and it was so fun to read your blog!!!

Colleen said...

I am glad you two have found such happiness together. There is nothing better than knowing you are with your soul's true mate, sharing life, loving life together!

Trinette McCrary said...

Your both lucky to have each other.