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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The "Fast Card"

I am so happy to report that all of us are over the crud. We are loving feeling healthy and happy again! The sun is out, the sickness is gone, and we are going to play! Yippee!
Now that we are all feeling MUCH better and we have more energy, I decided to video the kids doing their favorite race game. Mary named it the "fast card." I have no idea why, but it cracks me up, so I will leave it at that.
I wish I could have gotten the speed in which they do this on video, but I couldn't. Seriously, I used to do this as a kid, but I never did it nearly as fast as they do. It is sooooooooooo funny to watch. Sam can especially get going at crazy speeds. He uses his arms to push himself faster and faster. I laugh so hard every time he does it that fast.
The other day our neighbor came to the door and asked where Sam was. All the sudden we heard this really fast slap slap slap slap, and here came Sam flying down the last two stairs at top speed and continuing on the last foot or two of carpet until he crashed into the couch. We were laughing pretty hard, and then Sam got up and immediately climbed up onto the table and jumped off doing a 180 spin. Such a boy! (however, Mary does the exact same thing)
Just picture what you see on the video happening about 3 times faster, and you will kind of get what it is like normally. Kids will be kids.
This first video is of both kids doing it together. Sorry it is sideways..oops. Just turn your head I guess.

This video is just of Sam. I tried to get him doing it his fastest. I got close, but still not quite as fast as he can go.


Deanna said...

THAT'S AWESOME!!! I loved watching that! You're right, Kids will be kids!

Jessica Kay said...

I'm glad you're all feeling better and what better way to celebrate than playing fast card =)

Harris said...

WOW! That is really fast! Glad you guys are feeling better! Those videos are hilarious.

Colleen said...

I totally remember doing that as a kid. So fun! Why does it hurt so much when I try to do it now?

kendra said...

fun! I loved how Mary waited for Sam at the top before she went down. What a good big sister!