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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Sammy Boy

Sam turned two today! Time flies sooooooo fast. Sam is one of those toddlers that seems like they will just always be a toddler. I can't really see him growing up and being a big kid and stuff. It breaks my heart actually. He is just my baby boy, and I want to keep him that way. I feel like after this Birthday, he just can't have anymore. Three sounds like too big of an age for Sam. Two is just right. He is so sweet and adorable just the way he is.
Sam is SUCH a little sweetheart. We always say that Sam has big eyes, big cheeks and big feelings. He is so full of kisses and loves. And his heart is just big enough for everything. He is such a softie.
Sam was a very good infant. His birth went really well too. His full name is Benjamin Samuel Maynard. We actually called him Ben for the first 2 1/2 months after he was born. Then we switched it to Sam and confused everyone, especially Mary. When you would ask her what her new baby's name was, she would say "Benjamin, Sam, Ben, Samuel Maynard." Yikes! It is all figured out now, and Sam fits him perfectly.
Sam came out with cheeks so big that they sagged below his jaw bone. It was amazing! Oh man, he was so adorable and so handsome. He was a major cuddler and just liked to be held. He has a very content little spirit.
Sam is still a good natured kid naturally, but of course, is going through the 2's stage right now. He is still a sweetheart though. He will cry or hit or something, but then he always feels bad and gives you the "I'm sorry" look with his big blue puppy dog eyes.
Sam currently is totally into jumping off of EVERYTHING. It is amazing. Nothing seems to be too high for him. He is all about cause and effect. He also loves to do gymnastics with Mary..and I must say, he is really good. Cracks me up.
Sam also LOVES LOVES LOVES animals. He loves to talk to them, pet them, feed them, hold them, ect. He has a special soft spot for kittens. He loves to crawl on all fours and meow at them and pet them. Maybe he will grow up to be a zoo keeper.
Sam and Mary are best buddies. I love watching them together and watching the special bond they share. Sam adores Mary, and Mary loves to have a playmate and a friend.
I feel so blessed to have such a sweet little boy in my life. We all love him so much. Our home would be such a different place without his sweet spirit here to bless it. He is so special and he is such a precious part of our family. We love you Sammy boy...Happy Birthday.


Deanna said...

LOVE IT!!!! What precious pictures!

Colleen said...

He sure is a cutie pie! Happy Birthday Sam!

Trinette McCrary said...

I love two year olds, but they sure can be stinkers. Happy Birthday to you, Sam

Shantal said...

I am so happy you found me! Your family is adorable!!! It looks as if things are going really well for you and I love it!