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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Birthday Celebration

I decided I should post some pictures of Sam's cake, because it took A LOT of work. It isn't the prettiest cake in the world, but I was proud of it, and Sam loved it! He even knew what it was supposed to be. It was actually really fun making it, just time consuming. It tasted soooooo good too.

We had a few adventures the night of Sam's Birthday which cut some celebration time short, so we continued the celebrations on Saturday at the Denver was great!
I have a cousin in Denver whose daughter turned 2 the day before Sam. She is adorable! We had such a fun time at the zoo with them. The weather was perfect!! It was a fun day. We love hanging out with family. I have to say my favorite part of the zoo was the exhibit with the elephant, rhino, and the hippo. They were so cute! Mary loved the giraffes (the baby was only a week old) and Sam loved it all. Not sure what Ben liked the most...probably talking about skiing with Kevin. ;)

I guess I will tell about our adventure on Sam's Birthday.
We went to Little Ceasers to get pizza, because that is Sam's favorite food. We planned on bringing it home and eating it while opening presents and celebrating. While I was in the store getting the pizza, I heard our car horn honking and saw people running around. I immediately got concerned about Ben and the kids who were waiting for me in the car.
Apparently, the guy parked next to us, tried to back out, and hit our car. He then continued to scrape along the side of our car in order to get out. Ben was honking our horn at him to get his attention. The guy knew what he was doing and quickly finished scraping our car and sped off.
Ben and another lady were able to get the license plate number, and the owner of Little Cesears was able to print off a picture of the guy from their security cameras. Unfortunately, the guy was in a stolen car so there was no way to track him. The whole process took a LONG time, so we ended up eating pizza in the car while filling out the police report.
While eating pizza in the car, we accidentally spilled the whole container of tomato sauce ALL over Mary's blanket and pillow. Ben didn't see it happen because he was outside talking to the officer. We went to another store after that, and it was freezing (random wind and snow storm), so Ben grabbed the blanket and wrapped Sam in it and ran into the store. Once in the store, we discovered that Ben and Sam were both covered in tomato sauce. I am talking, totally covered here. Not just a spot here and a spot there. It was a mess!!! Not much to do after that but laugh or cry. We chose to laugh at this one.
It was a crazy night, but it still ended well. We got a free dinner out of it (whatever we want next time we go there...yippee), and the kids also got some toys from the owner.
Our good neighbors Mike and Mel came over with a gift for Sam later that night, and stayed to hang out for a while. We had a lot of fun with them. Sam loves the gift they gave him as well. We all went to bed happy and laughing about the night.


Colleen said...

Seriously Becky, the strangest things happen to you guys! I am glad everyone was ok, and that you could laugh about it all. Sometimes that is all you can do! Looks like the zoo was fun yesterday, it was a beautiful day!

Deanna said...

When it rains it pours!!! Holy Moly!!! We can all take a lesson from you guys!!! Glad you had fun at the zoo!

scarecrow said...

Man, that stinks about the car. It would take a lot of free food to get over that one. But even years from now you will have a great story to tell.

Nancy said...

That cake is so cute!! I love it. Good job with it.

Jaggers Brain said...

The cake looks amazing! And I can't believe all the things that happen to your amazing family! Love you!