My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, February 16, 2009

Meet John

This is John..say hello to John.

John has served us very well this last week.

Thursday....Mary wakes up at 3:00am throwing up all over the bed (with clean sheets) and eventually makes it to John. Mary spends the day very very sick with fever, chills, body aches, diarrhea, more meetings with John throwing up, and the works.

Friday morning...Mary has another "meeting" with John, and soon after feels much better.

Saturday...everyone is feeling GREAT!!! Valentines day was truly wonderful. It was a day filled with chocolates, gifts, love and family time. Ben and I had a really fun date and discovered the best restaurant in the world to go to on Valentines day. Table covered with rose petals, flowers for me, a free appetizer, candle light, delicious food, aaahhh, it was awesome!!!!!!

Sunday...Ben wakes up in the middle of the night with a nasty stomach ache and has a nice visit with John. After throwing up, he is in bed the rest of the day with body aches, chills, fever, ect. Becky goes to church feeling queezy, but has to accompany the ward choir, with whom she practiced with ONCE before they performed. Gratefully, it turned out very well.

Sunday night...Ben feeling very weak after a few more visits with John, but a tad bit better. Becky...not so good.

Monday morning (1:00am)...Becky has a nice, LONG visit with John, throwing up and unloading anything and everything that could have possibly been in her stomach. Her meeting ends with dry heaving and back to bed. Up until now, she gets to have frequent meetings with John along with body aches, fever, chills, ect.

Thank you John for your time and effort to keep our carpet throw up free and for giving us a place to hang our weary heads.

Our family diet this week...yummy. Great weight loss plan.

Jello, caffeine free diet Coke, Gatorade, and crackers if we can keep them down.

We are holding our breath that Sam can make it through without getting this crud, but we are prepared for the inevitable.

The end. Thanks for reading. I'm going back to bed.


Deanna said...

Oh!!! I hope you guys get to feeling better, and soon! Is John getting paid overtime? :)

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Bummer, but thank goodness for John! What a PAL!! I sure hope you all get to feeling better soon! Good Luck with your sweet diet!

Berly said...

YUCK!! Hope you feel better soon.

Colleen said...

Dang Becky! I am so sorry you guys have had all this nasty. I am glad you guys are starting to feel better...I hope Sam avoids it, miracles happen!

Trinette McCrary said...

Spring is right around the corner. The yuky stuff should be on it's way out soon. Hang in there.

shaina said...

oh man! So sorry about that!! (next time...vinegar water!)

J&E said...

Ha ha, that was one of the best posts I have ever read. "Ode to John" we take him for granted far too often don't we? Glad your carpets are puke free and that you are all feeling better!
PS Jane's blessing is going to be March 1st, we in NO way expect you to be there, but we want you to know you are invited and that we wish you could be there. We love you guys.
The Darringtons

The Thuesons said...

When one of my girls got sick I use to care that they shared drinks and blew snot all over each other, until I figured out that it was absolutely pointless when they were for sure ALL going to get sick anyway. Sorry, that seems miserable, at least you made it through Valentines!

Brandon and I are really interested in Colorado after school. When you are feeling better can you get me some insight on living there? Do you like it, are the schools good, are home prices okay? Thanks.

Nancy said...

Yucky. We had it too. jaron and then me. It was terrible!!!!! Good luck with it. John will serve you well.