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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, September 14, 2017

miss molly turns 3

Molly's 3rd Birthday was on Saturday.

It is so crazy to me, every year on her Birthday, that she is as old as she is.  Even though she only turned three, it has just gone by so fast with her!  It is fun and exciting, but also a little sad to me.  I just want time with her to slow down.  It is weird to have my baby not be a baby anymore. 

We decorated the house the night before with balloons and gifts, so she could wake up to a fun filled house for her special day.

Her Birthday was on a Saturday, and she was a great sport to attend a flag football game and two soccer games.  Mary helped make sure she had fun.  She is a great sister.

In between games, she was able to open presents, play with her new toys, and celebrate with everyone at home.

Mary and I made her Birthday cake in between soccer games, and it turned out soooo cute!!  Mary did all of the frosting.  Molly just watched and happily ate orange frosting.  She is really good!  Molly loved her cake, especially the colors.

After all of the games, we decided to go to Trafalga.  We heard that there were fun rides and things to do there, and we figured it would be a great place to take Molly for her Birthday.

We drove to Lehi, and pulled up to a freaky, ghetto looking "fun park."  Within a few minutes of being there, police showed up because some dude was hiding somewhere in the place, and they needed to find him.  Nice.

Most of the rides did not work, and the ones that did, Molly was not able to ride because she was to small.

Needless to say, we left after about 20 minutes.

I felt badly that Molly's little fun event for the day was a total bust, but we got dinner, and came home and sang to her and had her blow out the candles.  She was happy, and had a great day, regardless of ghetto Trafalga.

Molly continues to be a very special light in our family.  We all love her so much.  She is so happy, goofy, fun, silly, loving, energetic and cute.

Fun facts about Molly:

She pees about every 25 joke.
She drinks a sippy cup full of juice about every 20 minutes...go figure.
She LOVES gymnastics and jumping on the trampoline.
She really loves to play "soccer rocker" with her daddy outside.
Whenever we are in the car, she is always on the hunt for "diaper horsies."
She sings all the time, and it is adorable.
She has a serious sweet tooth.
Her best friend in the whole world is Beckham Sweat.
She loves animals, especially horses and dogs.
She likes to draw and color and play with playdough.
Her favorite way to relax is to crawl in my bed with "show phone" and watch shows and drink her juice (crystal light).
She is very playful and fun.
She knows how to give big kisses and squeezes.
She is a total daddy's girl, and about twice a week, we have to facetime daddy at work, because Molly is bawling from missing him so much.

Molly definitely completes our family in a very special way, and we all love her so much.

Love you Molly girl!!

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