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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, September 7, 2017

7, 5, 2, K

The first week of school for Mary, Sam and William was the week after our McCall trip, and two days before Ben and I left for Presidents club.  A little crazy, but we made it work.

All of the kids get to go to brand new schools this year!  The elementary school is directly in front of our house.  It is so awesome!  The night before school started we went to Back to School night for Sam and William at their school, Daniels Canyon Elementary.  It was the first time we were able to go into the school, as it was just finished being built days before.

It is such a nice school!!!  Wow!  We met with Sam's and William's teachers, and they seemed really nice.  Luckily, Sam and William both have friends in their classes that they know.  I could tell that they were getting excited for school as the evening went on. 

Sam is the oldest grade in the school, 5th.  Before now, 5th and 6th graders went to an Intermediate School.  This year, due to the new schools that were built, 5th grade is back in the Elementary school and grades 6-8 are now Middle Schools.  It is much better in my opinion.

I left from the boys back to school night, and drove over to the brand new Middle School, where I met up with Mary for her Back To School Night.

I found Mary with wide eyes and a pale face.  She was holding her schedule of 6 different classes, and she was completely lost.  The new school, Timpanogos Middle School, is amazing, but huge, and VERY confusing. 

Mary and I spent the next 90 minutes walking her route to her classes, over and over and over again.  Kids and parents were everywhere with school maps, trying to figure things out.  Kids were crying, parents were frustrated, and the place was chaos.

Poor Mary cried on and off, and I could tell she was overwhelmed.  She had printed off her class schedule, and a school map the night before.  She had written down all of her classes, her teachers, her room numbers, and had color coded everything.  She had 3 papers taped together, to make one giant master map.  This girl was prepared!  haha!

The killer is that they switch schedules every other day.  We only had enough time to go through her "Gold Day" schedule before it was time to go.

Mary was in a panic that night, but with a lot of talking, and going over her map, she finally calmed down.

Ben gave the kids their school blessings that night, the kids set out their new school clothes, and we all went to bed, nervous and excited.

I checked my email around 11:00 that night, and saw that I had an email from Mary's school.  The email said that they had to change some of the kids schedules, and to make sure that our kids had the right schedule.  As I was checking Mary's schedule, I was praying like crazy that hers was not changed.  There was no way she could handle it.

Sure enough, Mary's schedule was COMPLETELY different!  School started in the morning, and Mary was going to have no idea where she was going, who her teachers were, and what classes she had.  Holy crap!

I had to decide whether to drop the bomb on Mary in the morning, right before school, or to wake her up and help her make a new "map" and try to somehow help her out. 
I decided to wake her up.

I woke her up, told her that her schedule was different, and she flipped out.  I don't blame her.
We spent the next hour printing out her school schedule and a map of the school.  We wrote everything down, color coded everything, figured out the route she would take to her classes, and so on.  The poor girl was a mess.
the map

The next morning, Mary was up early.  She has to be out the door at 7:00am.  Geesh!  I found her in the kitchen frantically looking for her new map.  What the?!?!  We couldn't find it anywhere.  I couldn't believe it.  Seriously. 

So...while Mary ate, I made yet ANOTHER map and schedule for Mary.  ugh.

Finally, it was time for her to go.  I knew she would be just fine, but my stomach was in knots because she was so sacred.  I gave her a huge hug, and she took off to the bus stop with her friend Bailey.  I said a lot of prayers in my heart that morning.
Right after Mary left, I woke up the boys.  The scene with them was very different.  They were excited and ready to conquer the world.  It's so great to be in Elementary School!

I was still worrying about Mary and not thinking quite right.  I combed Williams hair, and as I went to hairspray it, William started yelling at me to stop.  I could not figure out why.
ummm yeah, I was going to spray his hair with the vegetable oil I had been using while cooking pancakes for breakfast!  hahaha!!   Oh my goodness. 

Ben and I and Molly and Luke all decided to walk with the boys to school.  Yup, we live so close that they get to walk or ride bikes to school!  How cool is that.  Sam and William were excited, and ready to go.
5th grade for Sammy boy

William, Tyson Muhlestein and Sam Welch.  Best buddies off to 2nd grade.

Once the kids were off to school, and Ben was off to work, it was just Molly, Luke and I.  It was weird. 

Mary arrived home first, and I was really anxious to see how she was.  She ended up being just fine! Few!  I knew she would.
She did get lost, but so did everyone else, and all of the teachers were there to help. 
She seemed much happier and at peace. 
So glad to get the first day done for her!

The boys came home an hour later.  They had a great day, and loved the new school.

Luke had his first day of Kindergarten a week later.  He has 1/2 day, which is good for him. He looked so cute!
He is in the blue class, so he gets a blue necklace.

Luke's buddies.  Luke, Kai Russell, Luke Phillips, Joey Goates

Luke is in Duel Immersion, and it definitely takes some getting used to to only hear Spanish for half of his time at the school.  He really likes kindergarten, and his class, but he is also very homesick, and is working through that.

When I picked him up after his first day, he told me that he had fun, but that he missed me, and then he missed me more, and then he missed me so much that his eyes watered.  It about broke my heart!  I love my Lukie. I hope he can get more comfortable and confident as the year goes on.

And so the new school year begins....

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