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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, October 22, 2015

s is for soccer

Mary and William both had their rec soccer season last month.

Yeah, it is one month long.  But I tell you what, it is a BUSY month.

Add in Sam's club games, and we were averaging 5 games a week last month.

William's games were shocking to all of us.  At his age, they usually just crowd around the ball, fall down, and every once in a while score an accidental goal.  I love 4-5 year old soccer, it is hilarious.

William blew us all away when he got the ball, dribbled it down the field and scored a goal at his first game!!!

He ended up doing this every single game, and more than once most games.

The best part of it all, is that he was always the biggest kid out there, and he would just laugh and grin as he dribbled the ball down.  He would be in his own little world, just thrilled to have the ball.

 To make it even better, without even realizing it, he would stick his arms out every once in a while and knock a kid over that was trying to get the ball from him.  The kids would drop like flies.
 William would just keep laughing and dribbling.  Not trying to hurt anyone, just getting everyone out of his way without even realizing it.

I was gut laughing the entire game when I saw this for the first time.  It was hilarious, and at the same time to awesome to see how good William is.  He already knows how to dribble, and his shot is hard and fast and accurate.

He LOVED soccer, and was so excited to be able to play.  I can't wait for it to start up again in the spring.

Go William Go!

Mary was lucky and got on a great team this season.  Her coaches were really invested in the team, and made it a lot of fun!

Mary's tumbling muscles are perfect for soccer, and she is FAST!  She is very, very fast!  Mary doesn't have a ton of training with soccer, but any little bit of practice she got, made her better.  She has great potential with soccer, and we decided to let her play club soccer next year.  We are really excited to see what she can do with some more training and skill.  She definitely has the wheels!

She scored a couple goals this season, and had a ton of assists and steals.

Mary's team (the fighting Narwals) had a team pizza/movie party to celebrate the end of the season.  Her coach made them all shirts and everything.

The party was in her coaches house, and it was unbelievable.  Their theater room was jaw dropping!  The had a fully stocked candy/popcorn/soda bar, stadium seating with about 12 leather recliners, a huge screen up on a stage, speakers everywhere, a drinking fountain, and about everything else you can think of.  To top it off, their cat just had kittens, so the kids got to watch the movie and hold baby kittens all night.  Mary was in heaven!

Even though it is extremely busy, Ben and I both have really enjoyed watching the games.  It is a great sport to watch, and the kids learn a lot.  Some things are just worth the sacrifice.

Soccer rocks!

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