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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, October 22, 2015

camp of a lifetime!

Last weekend Mary had the opportunity to attend a tumbling camp in Provo, UT.

It was a huge deal, because Mary was able to get in two 2 1/2 hour training sessions with the 2012 Olympic tumbling coach, the US National team double mini coach, and a 5 time world champion floor coach!
5 time world floor champion, and 15 National titles

2012 Olympic TNT coach

US National team double mini coach

Talk about a chance of a lifetime!

It was also Mary's first time being away from home overnight, and being completely responsible for herself as far as ordering her own food at the restaurants, packing her own bags, and getting ready for everything.

She loved it!  She went down with some others from her team and her coach, and they had a great time.  They were able to swim at night, eat out, and mess around in the hotel room.

Mary said the training was amazing, and she learned a lot of little tricks that make a huge difference with her tumbling.  There were only 6 girls per group, so she got a lot of training time.

I am so grateful that my little girl was able to have such an amazing opportunity!

We are getting really excited for her tumbling season to start up again next month.

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