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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, January 26, 2015

monkey see, monkey do

On Saturday, I had a baby shower to go to, in Salt Lake.  I decided to take Mary and Molly with me, so Ben was home with the crazies, uh, I mean the boys.

Ben decided that it would be the perfect time to take Luke skiing for the fist time.  We both jokingly laughed about the train wreck it would probably be, but Ben decided it was worth a shot.  At least Sam and William would be able to get out skiing again.

When I got home from the shower 4 hours later, the boys still weren't home.  In fact, they didn't get home for about 3 more hours! I figured that things were either going way better than expected, or it was absolute chaos.  Ben's phone had died, so all I could do was sit and wonder.

When they finally came crashing through the door, Ben's face told it all.

According to Ben, Luke was truly a little phenom. out there!  He just figured it all out and did it.  Not only that, but he loved it!
All on his own!
Laughing his head off!

I was pretty shocked that Luke had so much fun, but then I thought about it.  Luke has watched his 3 other siblings get ready to go skiing, put their skies on, listened to stories about it, watched the joy in his dad and siblings as they head out the door, and basically skiing has been a big part of his life already.  It is no wonder that he just figured it would be fun, and something that he could do.  And that is exactly what he did! Monkey see, Monkey do.
In the beginning, Sam would hold on to Luke, and then Ben would ski ahead about 10 feet.  Sam would then let go of Luke, and Luke would ski down to Ben. 
By the end of the day, Luke did an entire run by himself!  All Ben had to do was slow him down, because he couldn't control his speed.
For a kid to ski alone, even a short distance, at Luke's age, and for the first time ever on the hill, is very amazing.

We are all proud of Luke, and pretty excited to see him continue on with skiing for the rest of his life.

4 down...1 to go!
Way to go Lukey!

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Juls said...

That is so awesome that he is skiing! Way to go Luke!!