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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, January 26, 2015

a glimpse into luke's world

As mentioned earlier, Luke is completely obsessed with vacuums.  I decided a few weeks ago, to take pictures throughout the coming days, of what Luke does.  It has become normal to us, but every once in a while I really look at what Luke is "playing with," and I crack up with how not normal it really is.  I decided to document it as best I could.  So, here are some pictures of Luke's world the past few weeks.

using extension cords, he stuck one end in to the top of his vacuum, and "plugged it in" to the kitchen drawer.

He also got another cord from somewhere and "plugged the vacuum" in to the couch. This also ended up being quite the tripping wire!

He found the carpet cleaning vacuums at the grocery store.

He tried to get the carpet cleaner vacuum

This vacuum got something terribly stinky in it one day, so I put it in the garage.  Luke brought it back inside, and now carries it everywhere.  He lovingly refers to it as the "stinky vacuum."

Luke took apart our shop vac, and hooked the hoses all over our house.  I can't tell you how many hoses and cords I trip over every day.

He plugged our everyday household vacuum in to an end table.

Shop vac hose plugged in to a drawer.

When Luke plays he does not make car noises, or fighting noises, or flying noises, or shooting noises.  Nope, he makes vacuum noises.  Seriously, he does.

Luke hooked two vacuums together, and then shoved one of them into a drawer.

I tried to get him to play with something other than our vacuums and tools, so he grabbed Mary's microphone and made his own vacuum.  He pushed this around ALL DAY, making vacuum noises, and bashing our shins over and over again.

This is not staged.  He literally slept with one of his vacuums.

Another vacuum invention.

Luke's absolute favorite place in our house...the gadget drawer.  This drawer is full of batteries, screwdrivers, cords, and all sorts of small tools.  Luke gets in to this numerous times a day and invents all sorts of stuff.  Usually, he fills his pockets full of batteries and screwdrivers, and goes around "fixing" all of our vacuums.

Found Luke asleep with a screwdriver after a long day of fixing vacuums.

We went to a trampoline place last week, and Luke refused to jump...until he found two "vacuums," drug them across the building, and jumped with them for the next hour.

Luke took apart our flashlights one day, and then got into his favorite gadget drawer and invented his own mini vacuum with flashlight parts and batteries.

Another vacuum invention.  He pushed this all over the place.


So there you have it.  This is only a tiny piece of Luke's daily activities, but I thought it was worth sharing. 
This boy will probably grow up to invent and build rocket ships, or invent the worlds most amazing vacuum.

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Juls said...

That is seriously so funny! Especially love his homemade vacuums! Glad you got pictures of him with his vacuum obsession.