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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

let it snow

On Monday morning, I drove to Park City for an appointment.  When I arrived, there was no snow on the car.

One hour later, after my appointment, I came outside to this.

The size of the snowflakes coming down was absolutely fascinating!  I have seen my fair share of snow storms, but I can honestly say I have never seen snowflakes this big!  It was beautiful.

I walked back into the hospital, and asked the ER doctors if the road I needed to take to get home was closed.  They looked it up for me, and said the road had just re-opened, but was still pretty bad.  They looked like they were prepping the ER for a disaster, so I asked them if they were getting ready for a  lot of car wrecks. 

They chuckled and said, "Actually, we are preparing for the ski and snowboard accidents."  The hospital is the closest to the ski mountains, and it was definitely going to be a big powder day.  I just shook my head, knowing full well that Ben was probably pacing the floors back home waiting to get out there himself.

The storm was definitely a pretty one. It was really cool and peacefully serene, until I tried to get this.
Don't worry, I was literally driving about 10 mph when I took this picture
The drive to get from Heber to Park City is on a highway, that is full of big hills and turns.  It takes second priority to the canyons when it comes to getting plowed, so the road was BAD!  By the time the plows did come, the road was so bad, that they had to close it again. Normally, there are a few cars on the road at a time...notice the lane to the left.  Yup, that would be due to the 6 car wrecls that I saw during my drive home.  The car right in front of me in this picture went off the road minutes after I took this picture.

I came home to Ben, who had a gleam in his eye the size of the grand canyon, and had his snow skis out and ready to go.  He was like a little kid on Christmas, it was great.

Our neighborhood was beautiful!

The kids came home from school, and immediately put all of their snow gear on.  I didn't see them again until dinner time.

Sam spent 4 hours making this snow fort with his friends, and snowmen sprouted up everywhere.

  This was definitely an amazing snow storm!

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Lisa said...

Colorful faces on those snowmen!