My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, July 7, 2014


So, the same day as the flood in the house, I had an OB appointment.

There is a new doctor working in the office, and I was scheduled to see him.  He is not new to the field, just new to this office.

I was not excited about seeing a new doctor, and was scared not to be with the one I have seen all along.  I just wanted to get the appointment over with, and get back to my regular doctor.

From the first few minutes he walked in, I felt a really big sense of comfort around him concerning the rest of this pregnancy.  I got the feeling that Dr. Sabella, the one I have seen up to this point, and the one that has literally saved this pregnancy and baby time and time again, has done what she needed to do for me and our little girl.  I felt like this guy would need to be the one to see it the rest of the way through. It was an interesting twist to my idea of how things would go, and of course very unexpected, but I know in my heart, it is right.

He is extremely educated in gestational diabetes, the one thing that doctor Sabella admittedly doesn't know a ton about.  She is pretty much amazing with everything else.  She is a high risk specialist after all, and worked miracles for us through divine guidance and her own skill and knowledge.

Ironically, gestational diabetes causes the most problems from 30 weeks or any time after.  I was 30 weeks exactly at this appointment.  Time to start really monitoring things in this area.

He measured the baby, and noticed that she was measuring about 3 weeks small.  I also weighed 7 pounds less than my last appointment.  Total weight gain this pregnancy so far...16 pounds.  Amazing what the flu, bronchitis, a sinus infection, and the carb starve diet will do. 

I told him about having the flu, and how severely sick I was for almost an entire month.  He looked into it, and was shocked with how bad off I was.  He was not happy at all that the doctors who cared for me during that time did not contact my OB, and he let them know.  The flu is extremely dangerous for both me and the baby.  And obviously, it did effect us both. 

The baby's heart beat sounded great, but he still had me go in for a non stress test for her.  We did that the following day, and she passed with no problems.

He also is having me log my blood sugar numbers these next few weeks, and is keeping a very close eye on my diabetes, and how it effects both me and baby girl. There is a good chance the baby will need to come a little early because of it all.  As long as she is okay, I don't care if she comes early, I just want her to be healthy and fine.

He talked to me about a plan of action if my numbers go out of control, or if the baby continues to be too small....or ends up being too big, which is extremely common with diabetes.

He was very confident, and sure, and I felt that I was in good hands.

For now, I am just sitting tight, continuing to be very strict with the carb starve diet,  and sending growing vibes to our baby girl.  My appointments are every two weeks now, so I will be back again next week to see how things are going.

I can't believe the last stretch is finally here! Less than 10 weeks to go.

I literally just sit in my bed at night and think about holding my sweet little girl, smelling her new smell, staring at her sweet face, my finger in her closed fist, and eating a GIANT bowl of cereal full of carbs.

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