My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Lots has been going on the past few weeks.  Mainly, for the kids.  I think they are having a very fun summer.  Unfortunately, I have been terrible with taking pictures and documenting. 

So, here is a list of what the kids have been up to, and some of what Ben and I have been doing too.

Swimming lessons for two weeks. 

Grandma JoJo came for a week and took them to Deer Creek Reservoir, McDonalds twice, the snow shack, shopping for a new toy at Kings, the park numerous times, and they also played here at our house in between.  We love visits from JoJo.

Grandpa Lonnie came for a day, and gave us a tour of the Lonnie hotel (his camper).

Dan and Kristen and their two kids came this weekend also and we visited, played, went to Dairy Keen, went to the Classic fun center and did the bounce houses, jungle rooms and roller skating, and we also went swimming in Kamas.

Our neighbors did the monthly outside movie, this month was Bedtime Stories.  Mary and Sam loved it.

Our ward was split a week ago, and our half of the ward was created into a brand new ward.  We are now the Daniel 2nd ward.  We are happy to still know everyone in our ward, and relieved to now have a normal size ward to get to know and be a part of.   Everyone in our old ward was released from all callings.
Ben was released from the Elder's Quorum Presidency, and I was released as a primary teacher. Ben was called to the Sunday School Presidency of this new ward a few days ago.  I am still awaiting my new calling. 

Mary went to a 4 hour Spa night Birthday party, and had the time of her life.

Karate, tumbling and cheer are still in full swing.

Yard work, yard work, yard work.

Lots of play dates with friends.

Sam has created some crazy high bike jumps, and flies over them.

Family reading of The Indian in the Cupboard.

OB appointments every 2 weeks for me. This has been an extremely long pregnancy for me, particularly this last trimester.
Naturally, I am hot, tired and uncomfortable.  I have had a couple breakdowns, and my nerves are hanging by a thread, but I am trying my hardest to hang in there. It is not easy.
Carb starve is still as miserable as ever, but at least there is somewhat of an end in sight. 
My list of foods I plan on eating once this is over is getting pretty long. 
Cereal, homemade oreos,  and my mom's homemade pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting are still on top of the list. 
This list, along with picturing my little girl safely in my arms, keeps me going some days.

Sunday hikes/walks in the mountains.

Mary went boating with the neighbors and flew all over the waves on their tube.  She loved it.

Playing outside in the cool evenings with friends.

I painted our room, wallpapered our room, painted the bathroom, and am hoping to finish a few more projects.

And I am sure there is a lot more I have forgotten.

Up next is the K&K family reunion this weekend, my family staying with us next week, Lagoon, swimming, my sisters wedding and reception the following week, hopefully getting top soil in the yard, and hopefully FINALLY getting the backsplash put up somewhere in between there, and then school starts August 19th.  (3weeks from today)

We are going out of this summer with a bang!

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