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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, July 17, 2014

32 week appointment

I had another OB appointment today.  Ben is out of town, so I found a sitter, and went on my way.

I saw Dr. Clark again.  The poor guy looked like the living dead.  He has been here 2 weeks now.  He was up until 3:30 in the morning delivering a baby.  He just moved his family of 5 kids, and I'm sure his wife isn't loving his crazy schedule either.  He didn't get a lunch break, so he was literally stuffing his face between seeing patients.  He looked hashed to say the least. 

He was very happy with my blood sugar numbers I gave him.  I have been recording them the past 2 weeks, and have to continue to record them until the baby arrives.  It is a pain, but it does tell a lot.  I was relieved that so far, my placenta is responding well to this horrible diet, and isn't going totally psycho at the moment and forcing me to take medication to control the diabetes.  That can happen though, and I am ready for it.  There is no way to prevent it, it just happens, or it doesn't.  For now though, all is well in gestational diabetes land.

The baby caught back up to where she should be.  FEW!  She didn't grow much in June when I had the flu, and got about 3 weeks behind schedule.  Today, she was right on target, and gave the Doppler machine a swift kick, to let us all know that she is doing fine.

I gained a pound, which is actually a good thing.  I lost too much weight with the flu, and the doctor was hoping I could gain at least a couple pounds back by this appointment.  One pound was progress.
I haven't quite gained 20 pounds yet this pregnancy (I've gained 17) and I am 8 months along today.  Normally I have gained about 30 by now. As long as the baby is fine, I am thrilled with this.  Less weight to have to work off after the pregnancy.  It is probably the ONLY thing I like about this carb starve diet.

The joke is that I will gain all the weight after the delivery, because I will make up for all of the carbs I have been deprived of and stuff my face.  I have a plan I mind to avoid this, but still be able to eat the foods I have been missing for so long now.  It's all about balance and moderation.

Of course, as the end gets closer, I am starting to worry.
What if I really do have placenta acreta?  After all, three doctors thought I had it, one said I didn't.  We are going with his diagnosis.
What if the baby is really a boy?
What if the diabetes is effecting her more than we know, and I have a 12 pounder at birth, or end up with a C-section because she is so big?
What if she is still breech?
What if all of the genetic testing missed something?
What if the flu caused her permanent damage of some sort?
What if, what if what if.

I had planned on asking Dr. Clark all of this, but one look in his saggy red eyes, and I knew it wasn't the time.  He was doing his best, but I could tell he was barely hanging in there.

I only asked him about the placenta acreta, because that would put my life on the line when it is time to deliver, and is very scary to me.  I want to know for sure,  if we should be ready for some very serious complications, a C-section and a hysterectomy.

He told me to tell the doctors and nurses about it when I go into labor, make sure I deliver in Park City not Heber, and they will have to take the necessary precautions.  Other than that, it is too late to do anything. Not very comforting, but oh well. I am putting God in charge of this one.

I will push the doctor harder in a couple weeks with my other concerns.  I would prefer to have one more ultrasound, to ease all of these fears.

Other than that, I am just counting down the days and trying hard to hang in there until we get to meet our sweet baby.  8 more weeks to go.

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