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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Monday, June 30, 2014

california or 4

Thursday our family decided to head off to San Francisco.  On the way, we decided to stop at the Jelly Belly Factory.

Oh yeah...there I am, sporting that jelly belly of my own.

I love that place!  The kids thought it was really cool too.

William thought the car they had outside the factor was "super cool!" 

We went through the factory and did the tour.  Luke yelled "vacuum" through the whole tour.  He calls any type of machinery a vacuum, and we saw lots of machines.

The tour was pretty interesting, and the factory is set up so cute.  Not to mention, it smells incredible in there!

After the tour, the kids got some smashed penny souvineres, and of course, we had to get a bag of Belly Flops.

What a cool place.

no Luke in these pictures, he was in the stroller eating jelly bellies

After the factory, we drove over a bridge that the kids thought was amazing, and into San Francisco.
The size of that city will never cease to amaze me.  It really is a concrete jungle. 

Our first stop was the Aquarium of the Bay, on Pier 39.

The aquarium turned out to be one of the biggest highlights of our trip.  It was so cool!  The kids hollered and laughed and were so excited through the entire thing.  It really was amazing.

Mary's bedroom is an "under the sea" theme, and she has had a goal to be a marine biologist for a long time now.  The aquarium was a wonderland to her.

Luke's favorite part was the lights and the vents...of course.

Sam was so amazed with the size of the Tiger Sharks


My personal favorite.

We walked through tunnels, where the fish were all around us.  VERY cool!

Touching the fish

After the aquarium, we walked along the pier and checked out all of the sights. 

We watched some cool bands, and even a one man band.

We got a little turned around at one point, and ended up doing some serious walking.  The kids were good sports.

The kids' eyes were opened a little with the homeless population there and the huge variety of personalities, races, and talents.  It was great for them to experience all of that.

After grabbing more sweaters and a diaper change back at the car for Luke, we went to a restaurant on Fisherman's Warf and had clam chowder and sour dough bread.  SO good!  William literally started falling asleep in his chair.

We decided to walk back to the car and drive around for a while, before heading back to Sam and Shereans.  I was very impressed with Ben's navigation skills.  I would have an absolute panic attack trying to navigate that place, but Ben did great.  Go Ben!

It sure is an amazing city.  It is such a cool place to visit.  The drive home was pretty cool with all of the lights, and the bridge lit up over the water.

We got back late and called it a night.  Yet another day well spent.

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