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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, February 22, 2014

what a week

This post will not be interesting to most of my readers, and is really long.  It is mainly just for me to document this past week, because I know that someday down the road, it will be extremely amusing.  Feel free to skip this post.

This past week has been nuts.  Full of good, fun things, but just plain crazy! 

We are usually busy in general, but a good amount of busy.  Not too busy that we feel overwhelmed, but not sitting around a ton either.  Just doing our thing, with our schedule, and living life.  Pretty normal, and just our groove.

This week, however, was so nuts, that I decided that I should document it. 

Last Thursday:  Our 10 week ultrasound that we had been anxious about for 2 weeks.  My stress level was through the roof that morning, knowing we would find out if our baby in utero had lived or died in the past 14 days.  Odds were slim of the baby making it.  Found out the baby lived, and spent the day feeling relieved, happy, and a big rush of emotion.  Also, set up for Valentine's late that night, so the kids could wake up to a surprise.

Last Friday...Valentines Day.  Try to set up family gatherings since my sister in law is in town from Alaska.  Plans are all over the place.  Trying to work with so many people, feelings, and schedules.  Celebrate Valentine's with family, get kids off to school, get William off to his preschool party.  Clean the entire house. Battle pregnancy sickness.  Mom and Kelsey arrive after kids get home.  They babysit while Ben and I go on a date.  Come home, visit with mom and Kelsey, we all go to bed.

Last Saturday...Ben takes kids snow skiing in the morning.  They get home and Mary and I head to Provo/Orem with mom and Kelsey to go wedding dress shopping with Kelsey.  Have a great time and find some gorgeous dresses in Provo.  I get extremely sick on the way to Salt Lake for lunch.   Eat at Cheesecake factory, go to another dress shop, find jumbo jaw breakers for kids at Winco, drive all over the place, laugh, talk, compare dresses, talk about wedding stuff, and life stuff, and a little of everything, and head home.  Try again to set up family gatherings.  Back and forth with people.  Plans fall through, but we are so tired, it was a good thing. We all crash when we get back to our house.

Sunday...I play piano in sacrament meeting...scared out of my mind due to lack of practicing time, but it goes pretty well.  Mom and Kelsey stay for Sacrament meeting, then leave to go see my brother in South Jordan for a while.  We eat dinner and clean up a little after church.  Mom and Kelsey come back.  Eat leftover cheesecake, watch a movie, talk, go to bed. school.  Mom and Kelsey head home.  Ben goes to work.  Day is CRAZY with kids home and off schedule.  Drama with everyone I encounter.  Really weird day. I am sick, really sick from pregnancy.  Mary has tumbling, we eat dinner, we have FHE and crash.

Tuesday:  Wake up and clean the house, and change guest bedroom sheets.  Dress like a clown day for Mary and Sam at school.  Go grocery shopping with William and Luke, then drive to South Jordan to pick up my sister in law and her baby girl to come stay with us for a few days.  Car starts acting up on my way down the canyon.  I get lost.
Pick up Juliet and Hazel, car locks in 1st gear, starts to overheat.  Get lost twice coming home.  Car locks into gear coming up Parley's canyon, numerous times. Luke cries. Finally get home, and know that car is bad.  Kids get home, Ben gets home, eat dinner, Sam has Karate, visit with Juliet and Hazel, Ben calls car shop.

Wednesday:  Get kids to school, mismatch day, try to get Sam's lizard cage at Petco, and spend an hour learning about all the different kinds.  Ben takes car to shop in Provo. Go shopping with Juliet for Jeans.  Unfortunately, have to leave Juliet at our house, I pack a suitcase for Ben, drive to Provo with William and Luke, pick up Ben at the car shop (where we had to leave our car), and drive Ben to the airport for business trip to LA.  Drive back to Juliet.  Take Sam out to Dairy Keen for a pre-Birthday dinner, go back to pet store with everyone, come home, hang out, get kids to bed, set up for Sam's Birthday, watch a chick flick with Juliet, crash. 

Thursday: Sam's Birthday. Celebrate a little with Sam, , get kids to school, pajama day at school, my sister in law, Nichole, comes up to get Juliet, because our car is broken (learned that it needs a new transmission and radiator...rock on).  Hang out a little, Juliet leaves.  Clean the house, change guest room sheets, kids get home from school, grandma JoJo arrives!  Celebrate Sam's Birthday, presents, back to pet store to pick out a lizard, dinner, bed. Last night taking progesterone....hooray!!! Relieved that JoJo is here.

Friday:  5:00 am.  Drive Luke to Riverton Hospital for tubes and adenoids out.  Grandma JoJo gets other kids ready for school, crazy hair day, out the door, and William settled. She rocks! Spend entire morning at hospital with Luke.  Drive back home, get lost, drive forever.  Hang out, completely forget William has preschool, kids get home, visit with JoJo, dinner, take off to get Ben from airport in Salt Lake.  I bring Luke and William.  Pick up Ben, get home, visit, crash...feeling pretty nauseous.  Drove 4 hours today. Bummed because I had to miss a girls night that I was looking forward to, but almost too tired anyway. So, so grateful for JoJo's help.  This day could not have happened without her.

Saturday:  SLEEP IN!!!  Clean, hang out, get ready for Sam's party.  Have Sam's  high energy, loud, but fun party. Lots of help from JoJo. Clean up from party, hang out, eat dinner, set up lizard cage, blog, get kids down, and here I am.

Mix all of this in with regular every day life stuff, and it was nuts!  It was really fun though to have people in our home, to see family, and to celebrate holidays and Birthday's.  I would not change it. It was a lot, and pretty chaotic, but honestly, it really was a good week...I just wish the dang nausea would go away.

Now...on to Disneyland!!!

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