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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, February 7, 2014

moms and muffins

Today was Mom's and Muffin's day at Heber Valley Elementary.  I wish I had remembered to take pictures, but I didn't, oops.

Mom's and Muffins is a day where the mom's go to school early with the kids, and they eat muffins and read books in the child's classroom.

We did this last year, and the kids and I were looking forward to it again this time around.

We went to Sam's classroom first, where he read me one of his favorite books.  It was cute to see him in his classroom, with his friends, just doing his thing.  He is kind of quiet at school, but he also has some great friends, and tries hard to learn and takes it seriously.   I was informed by his teacher that he will be moving into an advanced math class soon. 
Sam has a love of learning that is amazing to me.  He is constantly doing math problems and home and asking me to give him words to try to spell.
His teacher, Mrs. DelFrancia, is absolutely adorable, and has tons of energy and a positive attitude.  The kids love her, and the parents do too.  She is a wonderful teacher. 

I walked out of Sam's room knowing that Sam is in great hands, and he is doing well.  That is a good feeling for a mother to have.

Next was Mary's classroom.  As Mary read Stone Soup to Sam and I, I observed Mary's everyday surroundings and classmates.

Mary has blossomed a ton during school this year.  She is no longer quiet and shy, and she is so much more confident.  She has an outstanding teacher, Mr. Lawther, who deserves a lot of the credit.  I have never seen her so animated and happy about a teacher before.  He has done wonders for the entire class. 

Every few seconds some kid was coming over to say hi to Mary, tell her a joke, show her something, or show off (mostly boys on this one).  It was fun to see Mary laugh at the jokes, applaud the tricks, tease back, or say a friendly hello.  I also learned that Mary has become the class veterinarian.  All of the kid were bringing their stuffed animals, they brought from home, over to her, and having her patch up holes, tape up tears, and cut of loose strings.  It was hilarious.

I walked out of her classroom, telling her to make sure to only be silly and talk during the appropriate times, (something I never in a million years would think I would be telling Mary), and smiling with the happy heart of a mother who knows her daughter is doing fine and is thriving in a place where she used to cry and call to come home.

Heber Valley is a wonderful school, and I am so grateful for the gift the teachers and kids there have given my kids.  

"Dad's and Donuts" is next week, and I am excited for Ben to be able to go into their "element" as well, and see what it's all about.

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