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This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Saturday, February 22, 2014

birthday boy's big week

Sam's Birthday was this week.  It has been an incredibly busy week, so Sam got to spread out the celebrations.

The night before his Birthday, my sister in law was here from Alaska, so we decided to do Sam's Birthday dinner early, to celebrate with her,  and we went out to Dairy Keen.  It is a locally owned hamburger/milkshake place that people come from all over to try.  They have these amazing award winning shakes that are so good!  They also have trains going around the ceiling, and Lego tables and train tables throughout the place for kids to play with.  We all had a good time, and Sam enjoyed is brownie shake.

Yes, it is Dairy Keen, not Dairy King.  It was actually built before Diary King.  Still hard to get used to though.

After Dairy Keen, it was off to the pet store.  Sam is getting a lizard for his Birthday, and it is a very big deal to him.  He has been talking about it for months! We let him look at the lizards and get an idea of what he might want.

On his actual Birthday, Ben was out of town, and we had company coming and going, so we kept it low key. 

He still had a great day though.

He brought treats to school, played with friends after school, had pizza for dinner, grandma JoJo arrived, and we went to the pet store where he picked out the actual lizard he wants, and we bought the cage and everything else for it.  We are waiting until we get home from Disneyland before we bring the lizard home.  That way no one else has to take care of it for us.

He came home, opened presents, and we all crashed.

Today was the party.  My oh my, was it a party.  Twelve boys ages 6-8 blasting through the house.  Three couldn't come, so it would have been 15...and that is just the boys his age that live within walking distance of our house. Obviously, Sam had a great time.

We played pin the tail on the lizard.
Ben made an awesome lizard!

Balloon stomp.

Did a piñata (no pictures, sorry).  I was just trying not to get smacked with the stick.

Decorated cupcakes like lizards.

Sam blew out the candles.
thinking hard about his wish

Sam opened presents and handed out goodie bags, nd then we set them loose to go crazy until their parents came to pick them up.

It was 2 hours of complete chaos, and lots of noise, but Sam's grin made it totally worth it.  There is a very awesome group of boys in this neighborhood.

I think Sam had a great Birthday...he sure deserved it.

Fun facts about Sam
He loves lizards.
He can be very somber.
He is extremely outgoing around friends, and playing with friends is the highlight of his life at this point.
He is VERY good at math, and plays math games on the computer for fun.
He loves Legos and spent 4 hours building his first Lego Star Wars ship by himself today.
He talks himself to sleep, and has to sleep wherever Mary is.
His big blue eyes can melt anyone.
He loves to ride his bike, and loves to spend days building technical jumps even more.  He is extremely good jumping and doing tricks on his bike, and has no fear.
He has to have a kiss goodnight, but is shy to get a hug out the door in the morning.
He is a very picky eater, but loves scones, instant breakfast, and hot pockets.
He is very, very kind hearted.
He is extremely literal when answering questions.  You can expect a completely honest answer from Sam, no matter the question.  He has no malice, just complete honestly, even when tact may have been nice.  It is normally very funny.
He is very, very good to Luke.  He is an awesome brother and friend to his siblings. 
He and Mary have a special bond and play well together.
He and William could wrestle for hours, if they didn't get hurt so fast.
Playing games or toys with Sam is his love language.
He is a sweet boy, and I love him with all my heart.  I love my Sammy boy!

Happy Birthday!

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