My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Friday, January 4, 2013


Earlier this week, Luke seemed a little more fussy than normal.  He cut one tooth, and I thought maybe he was cutting the one next to it, so I gave him some motrin and didn't think much of it. 

And then the fever came.  Luke was burning, and no amount of medicine would get it down.  He also had a nasty sounding cough and was throwing up a lot.  Not good.

After two nights of Luke burning, with no relief, and his cough sounding worse, I decided to take him to the Dr.  There are about a million things I love about Heber, and there are a few things I don't love.  The lack of Doctors in the area is one thing I am not fond of.  I called all three doctors, and not one of them could get Luke in. gggrrr

After another night of no sleep, and a burning, throwing up, coughing baby, I called and called and called until I finally got Luke in on Thursday.

I actually got him in to the PA.  The doctor was double booked for the day.  The nurse checked Lukes vitals.  Temp. of 102 with mortin and tylenol in him. Heart rate was too fast.  Oxygen level...hovering around 85% and dropping.  She listened to his lungs, and then told me that she was going to get the doctor.

The doctor came in, listened to Luke and decided to do a nebulizer treatment. 
After the treatment (where Luke just sat there doing nothing but trying to breath), they took his vitals again. His oxygen was even lower, his temp and heart rate even higher.  Boo!

We left the office 2 hours later.  I walked out with a very hungry William and Sam, a very sick Luke in the car seat, an oxygen tank with the cord already hooked up to Luke, 4 meds, a diaper bag, my purse,  a nebulizer tube and mask, and pages of instructions.

The verdict...RSV, and a bad case of it.  The doctor decided against admitting Luke to the hospital because I "came across like I could handle all of the treatment at home."  That came as a shock to me, because I felt like a deer in the headlights with so many meds and tubes to keep track of. But I was more than happy to bring Luke home.
Lukes fever finally came down this morning, and when I took him back to the doctor for an oxygen check, I had high hopes of good news.

Not the case.  Luke's RSV is moving from his smaller respiratory tubes, to the big ones.  Which means he has the beginnings of pneumonia.  His oxygen also dropped.
So, we now have a weekend of Luke being on oxygen, and meds.  We go back on Monday, and see if he can stay home, or head to the hospital to be treated for pneumonia.

Pretty crazy stuff.  It is so sad to see Luke suffer.  It breaks my heart.

Mary was supposed to be baptized tomorrow morning, but we are obeying the doctor, and keeping Luke in a little bubble for a while.  The baptism has been moved to February.

Here's to hoping my baby can beat this nasty stuff this weekend.  Poor thing.

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shaina said...

so sad. I really hope he's a hundred percent better on monday. Praying for you!