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My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Thursday, January 31, 2013


A few weeks ago, after a trip to the store, I decided to take the three boys to PetSmart to look at the animals.

We roamed all over the store, with the boys blasting from one creature to the next, and I grabbed some things for our possibly pregnant guinea pig, Marsha.  :)

And then we discovered the cats.  William all the sudden forgot about everything else. He peered into the cat cages, talked softly to the kittens, and was completely engrossed in them.  It was amazing.

There was one cat in particular that he seemed to bond with.  The lady at the store let William hold the cat.  The cat loved William and William loved the cat.  It was adorable. The bond was adorable, not the cat.  This cat had been abandoned, hit by a car, and had its tail chopped off.  It was all black and grey and spotted and grumpy.  I have no idea why William took to this particular cat. 

When it was time to put the cat back, William and the cat both cried, and cried and cried.

As I was buckling the kids back into the car, I noticed that William was missing.  I happened to glance in the direction of the store just as William was entering it.

I ran back to the store, and found William once again, sitting in front of the cat cages, holding the cat that the employee gave him again.  I let William give the cat a few more loves, and the we had to put it back. The cat was crying to William and reaching for him, and William was crying for the cat.  It was truly heart breaking.  William kept on saying, "Kitty cat sad, Kitty cat come to William's house."

This time, the employee let me know, kindly, that the cat was already fixed, house trained, up to date on shots, and the adoption fee was very small.  I was too flustered with a bawling William, and a baby and Sam in the car, to think much about it, but something in my soft heart did click a little, and the cat looked so sad.

I drove a sobbing William home and tried to console him as best as I could.  I later called Ben and told him about it. 

Needless to say, my extremely soft heart for lonely animals, my very soft heart for my children, and through some logical thinking on Ben's part, we came home from our Family Home Evening to the Pet Store, a few days later, with a cat.

A VERY cute, cuddly, easy tempered, already fixed, already house trained, 9 month old, cat. 

We didn't get the original cat that William fell in love with, it ended up not being a family cat, and William actually wanted a different one when we went back anyway.  We got a very cute, fluffy, family friendly  cat.

The kids named her Penny.

We have had her for two weeks, and she has turned out to be a great pet! She loves to snuggle with anyone that will pet her, and she is very patient with the younger kids.  I have really enjoyed having a furry companion walking around the house and giving me loves here and there.  She doesn't cause any trouble, she is quiet, and is extrememly low maintenance.

The kids really love her, and take great care of her.  Mary feeds her and cleans out the litter box every day.

I guess that is the main reason we are ok with having animals in our home.  It teaches the kids responsibility, love for God's creations, as well as bringing fun and love into the home.

Welcome Penny!

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Katie Ladwig said...

You are just gathering a herd of animals at your house. You are a braver woman than me. I can barely handle the dog and one fish we have now.