My Reasons

My Reasons

This Is Where It All Begins

This Is Where It All Begins

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 needed!

Luke had his 5th doctor's appointment in 8 days yesterday.  I had noticed that he seemed a litte bit better on Sunday, so I had high hopes for this appointment.  I wasn't disappointed.

Luke is now on oxygen as needed!  After 6 days of 24/7 oxygen, this was wonderful news.  He still drops a little low without oxygen, but it is not in the scary levels anymore.  Hooray!  We have to keep the oxygen near by for the next two weeks.

His right lung is mostly clear now, but his left lung (the one with the pneumonia in it) is still pretty full of infection and mucus.  It wasn't much better, but it wasn't any worse, so hopefully that means the infection has stopped spreading, and things will only get better from here.  We are keeping our fingers crossed, but heeding the doctors warnings to not get too comfortable yet. Things can go south fast.

His ears are another story.  After one full treatment of antibiotics, they are still infected and full of fluid.  Not good. 

So, because of this, and the pneumonia, he is on another 10 day round of antibiotics.

Luke still is a lot more lethargic than normal, and we are trying to work his appetite back up (he has lost one pound so far), but he seems happier over all and he has some of his adorable personality back.  He smiles a lot more and as discovered his toys are fun to play with again.

The doctor said we have another two weeks of touch and go, and a month before he is in the clear, but at least we think the worst is over.

I feel a lot more at peace now, and can tell the the power of prayer and fasting is taking a direct result in Luke's recovery.  We are so appreciative of everyone that has sent prayers Luke's way, and who fasted for him this last week.  His big turn-around was Sunday evening, and the quiet whisperings in my heart told me that it was an answer to so many prayers and fasting that day, and up to that point.

Ben gave Luke a blessing when this all started, and in that blessing he mentioned that this illness was bigger than Luke and bigger than all of us.  It would take help from above to overcome this one.  I know that the help from above has come, and in no small part due to so many of you.

So THANK YOU!  Once again, I have seen what love and support can do to help a soul in need, and it truly is miraculous.

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Sylvia said...

Love this picture and post! He is such a special little guy and you are a GREAT mom! Love ya